Extra equipment for a yacht charter

Learn what special equipment you can rent with a yacht charter.


Towing toys are always a fun water activity. Banana style towing toys are suitable for more people to use at once. You'll need the banana, motorboat, and protective gear. Helmets and life vests are a real necessity when trying on water sports. If you plan to go anywhere near the water this summer, and looking to have some fun, consider renting a banana towing toy.


Being a great bartender is not about just serving drinks. People love when you learn small things about them. What is their preferred drink? Do they want their martini dry or not? Great cocktail mixing knowledge combined with juggling skills can put a great show for bar guests.

Beach Kids Toys

Building a castle may be a dream, so why not starting with a sandcastle? Combine beach kid's toys with a sandy beach and build a fort of your dreams. Use small shells as decoration and add just enough water to make the sand moldable. Playing in sand is always super interesting for kids 3-10 years old. Perhaps if nobody is looking, the teenagers will join you as well.


Champagne is a drink often associated with special occasions. Engagements, weddings, and parties feel more celebrated when there's champagne to make a toast. There's nothing like a glass of champagne to start an evening off. Sparling bubbles will fore sure make you and your guests feel special. You can even add fruit like strawberries to decorate the glass.

Diving Gear

Diving gear on a boat holiday can be a great idea. You can see the destination in a whole another way. Explore the beautiful sea life. Be adventurous and dive into a cave. Or check does your destination has some exciting diving locations like shipwrecks or underwater museums. You can either rent your diving gear on-site or bring your own. Make sure you have a diving buddy. Safe is always better than sorry!


A few years ago, this tasty dessert became a popular inflatable towing toy. Keep in mind that it's not suitable for children that do not know to swim. So please make sure there is always an adult near. And that everybody is wearing a lifevest. But the donut is excellent for one or two people to enjoy.

Exercise Equipment

It is very important to stay fit. When on holiday, most people tend to let go of their routine and slack off. The consequences are a few extra pounds due to the delicious food served. So why not bring some exercise equipment along. You don't need a lot of stuff. A jumping rope, a mat, or an elastic band will be just enough to keep you in shape. Also, you can ask about another equipment.

Fishing Gear

There's nothing more exciting than catching your own dinner. First of all, you need a lot of patience, second some fishing gear. A basic fishing rod and some baits should be enough if you are an amateur. Fishing is also a great skill to teach your kids about. It would be an exciting and memorable experience for them. If you catch a smaller fish, gently remove the hook and leave it in the sea.


Flyboarding looks exciting! You need a flyboard and a jetski or another type of watercraft. The watercraft will propel the seawater through the hose, creating pressure to lift the flyboarder up to 20 meters high. Flyboarding is a truly adrenaline-rushed sport, reserved only for the brave ones. Be careful about how you land. Landing from 15-20 meters can be dangerous, even if you fall into the water.


Fruits are not only healthy but also delicious. Nothing tastes like summer than a fruit salad. Throw in some strawberries, melon, cherries, and an apple, and you'll get a tasty meal. YOu can add it to your morning routine or make a healthy fruit ice cream for the kids. Eating fruit every day will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your general body condition.


Nothing says a fun afternoon as the smell of meat on the grill. People had gathered around food forever. Gather your loved ones, talk, and prepare some delicious food. You can grill meat, vegetables, or fish.

Infatable Sailboat

Sailing is not just a sport. It's a way of life. Inflatable sailboats have a great advantage. First, you have the flexibility to deflate it and bring it along to any place with you No better way to connect with nature than to use it to your advantage. There no engine sound to disturb the sound of waves crashing on the side of the boat.


Jetski is a very fun, adrenaline-rushed activity to do on a boating holiday. They can achieve speed from 40-70 miles per hour. You can also use it to explore the surroundings, race, and just have fun with your family. Make sure you wear lifevests all the time. Jet ski may be fun, but do have in mind it's not a toy. So if you want to have some extra fun on your charter holiday, check if renting a jet ski is a possibility.


A kayak is a small plastic boat used for sports and recreation. Depending on the model, the kayak can be a one-seater or a multi-seater vessel. Some modern kayaks are made of see-through plastic. This feature is great when you want to explore underwater life while paddling. Unlike the paddleboard, in the kayak, you paddle seating down. Different types of kayaks serve different purposes, but if you are an amateur, a recreational type of kayak will be good enough.


Kneeboarding is jet another form of surfing aboard. It is easier than wakeboarding since you don't need to stand up. But do not overestimate it as an easy activity. You'll need some power in your muscles to learn how to kneeboard. Once you are confident in yourself, kneeboarding will fore sure became a big part of your holiday planning.


Lunch has always been a time of family gathering. Today time with your family is even more valuable than ever. So add the option when you will charter a yacht and organize a tasty lunch. You'll share food, stories, and smiles. Creating fun memories is always easier on a full stomach.


There's nothing like a little music to spark joy. Music is known to elevate your serotonin level and make you happier. If you are doing some physical activities, music with an upbeat sound will make you go harder and faster. Relaxing, choose a slower tempo to enjoy. Hit play and listen to music onboard.

Paddle Boards

A few years ago, Paddleboards were a huge hit. There are several reasons why. First of all, it's a whole-body workout. Second, it's pretty low intensity. And one more plus, you have a beautiful view while you paddle.

Paddle Boat

If you have kids, perhaps renting a paddle boat for a few hours would be a fun activity for the children. It may seem easy, but don't go too far from the coast. You might be in for some sore muscle if you do. Paddle boats are pretty slow and heavy and not so easy to maneuver. But for sure they are a lot of fun for the children.

Sailing Boat

A sailing boat, by definition, is a vessel that uses wind power for propulsion. There are many different types of sailing boats. Most commonly, they are used for sports and recreational purposes. If you are an outdoorsy person and enjoy physical activities, a sailing holiday is an excellent idea. Renting a sailing boat is a great team-building activity.


Skiboarding is jet another type of towing a person with a motorboat. You'll be gliding over the water surface. Compared to water skies, you only need one skiboard to surf the surface. Maintaining balance while being towed by a motorboat can be challenging. But after some failed attempts, for sure, you'll get the hang of it.

Skuba Equipment

Snorkeling may be fun, but for more severe seabed exploration, we suggest you rent out scuba equipment. There are hundreds of excellent diving locations in the Mediterranean sea. Sunken warships, planes, and modern underwater museums. Diving into caves and exploring the hidden fish hideouts sound exciting. Perhaps you'll find Nemo on the way!

Snorkelling Gear

Snorkeling can be a great way both for kids and adults to learn more about fish, coral, and underwater life. You'll need a mask and a snorkel. You can even use some fins. They will make moving in water super easy. There is no better way to learn about different marine life than firsthand.


Fish for dinner, anyone? Spearfishing is a serious affair but also can be a lot of fun. You'll need some basic snorkeling equipment, fins, and a speargun. Practice patience and holding your breath. Find your target and wait for the right moment. Make sure you have a fishing license if needed.


If you are in need of speed, try WakeBoard. A motorboat basically tows you on a wakeboard. Use the speed and waves to create a real tricks. If you are just starting to learn, start from practicing on getting up. Raiding the waves will come naturally. As well, make sure that the person driving the boat knows you are a beginner.


Waterskiing is a watersport. It includes skiing on two separate skies. The skier is towed by a motorboat. The hard part of learning how to water ski is standing up and maintaining balance. Remember, before you start skiing, you need to get your skies wet and hold on to the cable. It will need some practice and stamina to learn how to waterski, but for sure, it's gonna be amazing.

Windsurf Equipment

Windsurfing equipment takes a lot of space. You need the board and the sail. Check before going on your sailing trip. As well, you'll need some wind if you want to surf. Windsurfing equipment, for sure, can provide you and your friends days of fun.

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