Extra equipment for a yacht charter

Learn what special equipment you can rent with a yacht charter.

Diving Gear

Discover beauties from underneath! Rent scuba dive equipment and see what happens underneath the surface. But scuba diving is more than just putting equipment on you and dive in. You have to know how to dive and complete the course. Plus, in some countries, you need a special permit for scuba diving.


You can rent a jet ski along with your yacht. But beware, jet skies are not toys, and it is not suitable for kids to drive them. As a matter of fact, in some countries, you should be at least 18 years old and have a permit. Because they are really fast and can go more than 100 m/h, you should pay close attention to other vessels or swimmers in the sea.


Kayak is the perfect way to explore bays and coves and even secret caves by yourself or with your friends because kayaks can be for one, two, or three people. It is also an excellent way for sightseeing because it is safe to use near the coast. Even if you never tried it before, it is pretty easy to learn, and after a few first tries, you will already feel like a pro. Great way to stay in shape while you are on vacation and also to get some tan.

Paddle Boards

SUPing might seem complicated at first sight, but it is an entertaining sports activity. Once you find your balance on the board, it becomes very easy and fun. It activates all our body muscles, so it is a good exercise while surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is suitable for children and adults, and you can even use it along with your kids as long the kid sits or kneels. It is a great way to explore the coast if you are anchored nearby.

Fishing Gear

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can rent fishing equipment if you don't have your own. Fishing rods, leads, hooks, and baits are just waiting for you to be used. But don't forget that you will need a special permit for fishing for some countries, so check local laws and regulations before you drop a hook.

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