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Карибы экзотика 16.02.2019 - 23.02.2019

Caribbean New Year 2019 Sailing Trip.

29 December 2018 – 12 January  2019.


Water adventures are waiting for you! Cruising through the Caribbean Sea, you are going for a swim at the most beautiful place in the world where you do nothing but enjoying an amazing underwater world.

Stay warm in 2019 visiting such wonderful places as Martinique, Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.



✔ Price: 14 days on a yacht/1 place (in a DBL cabin) – 1800 euro




We have already travelled around 15 Caribbean islands and lived in the Caribbean Sea for 45 days and we are ready to share our experience with you.

Just join us and you will see the coolest places during your 2 weeks yacht charter. 



Our itinerary for 2 weeks:


Start/Finish – Martinique (France)




Day 1. Saturday.


Arriving to Fort-de-France, Martinique. Looking at the yacht and buying groceries for the next couple of days as usual. After that (depending on what time the crew arrives) – either having a dinner at the small restaurant Le Martin at the city or sail out in the ocean for the first time to drop the anchor at the nearest creek and exploring the Caribbean Sea!




Day 2. Sunday.


First relocation is the shortest one. Only one hour and we drop the anchor near the sandy shores of Grande Anse des Salines Beach at Sainte-Anne. Here you see that picture like you used to see in the magazines about Caribbean: sandy shores, palm trees leaning towards the sea and calm crystal-clean water. 


Swimming and sun-bathing for a couple of hours and the dropping the anchor at the creek Rodney Bay near the national park Pigeon Island. This Island was isolated from Saint Lucia Island until the connecting road to the mainland was built in 1972. Pigeon Island is famous not just for birds but also by its historical monuments as British Rodney Bay, that British people were using in 18th century to protect the island from the French fleet in Martinique. 


Arriving to the British territory, we have certain formalities to observe – clear the immigrations controls and get the visas at the marina’s office.


If you do not want to climb a mountain and imagine yourself British, fighting against French, you can spend time at the beach. Most of the guidebooks call this place as a good one for diving and snorkeling.





Day 3. Monday.


After the time at the beach we relocate to Soufriere Bay, which is going to take 3 or 4 hours. You will have a chance to see a city of the same name. 

There is a quiet Pitons Bay located close by surrounded by tall mountains on two sides – Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Another surprise is a visiting Diamond botanic garden.

Besides that, there are several walking and cycling routes in Soufriere and hot springs in Sulphur Springs, Piton Falls & Toraille Waterfalls. 



Day 4. Tuesday.


Saint Vincent is waiting for us! 35 miles relocation from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. and here comes the pirates’ story! It was here at Wallilabou Bay where the first movie Pirates of the Caribbean was shot. It was decided to keep the set and now it is a true pirates’ bay.

The guns and other movie props were left in the village and even the beach looks scary with its black volcanic sand.

Moreover, you can find cheap and cozy restaurants with a traditional Caribbean cuisine and cocktails by the coast.

And for those who prefers active leisure – walking routes through the tropical rainforest with beautiful rivers and Dark View Falls. 




Day 5. Wednesday.


Moving to the island Bequia it is a 20 miles relocation which is going to take 3-4 hours. The island is famous as the first island where locals started to build whaling vessels. Even now despite the international restrictions, locals are allowed to catch four humpback whales. It is no wonder because fully-grown whales reach up to 12-16 meters in length! 


There you will enjoy a clear water and get to see gorgeous corals, rainbow fishes and a whole pack of giant sea turtles up close ending the day by witnessing the beauty and awe of the sunset! 




Day 6. Thursday.



Today we are going to the paradise so without further ado welcome to Tobago Cays Marine Park.

Here what is waiting for you: 


A celebration of nature with Caribbean music, cocktails, photo shoot and swimming in the dead of night under the stars. We are going to spend a night in a bay near the island Mayreau and wake up with the sunrise refreshed and rested, ready for the second part of our trip!  





Part 2. Ready for a battle!



We hope you have gotten enough rest by now because sleepless nights out at the clubs and beach parties are coming next! 




Day 7. Friday.


Barbados is waiting! We are leaving after the lunch and sailing 110 miles, which is going to take us the whole day.




Day8-10. Saturday – Sunday – Monday.


Here comes the capital of Barbados – Bridgetown!

We making a stop at a marina and going through the customs clearance.

Then we can renew our supplies.


Barbados is famous for its nightlife so if you love to party, then this Caribbean island is perfect for you. Barbados is lively after dark, especially on the south coast at St Lawrence Gap - or The Gap as it is often called - where you will find a concentration of bars and clubs in close proximity to each other.

On the west coast, you will find a clutch of rather more salubrious bars on First and Second Streets in the heart of Holetown.


However if you are not a big fan of such kind of leisure you can always go windsurfing or take a tour to the rum factory for $40 or even go fishing. 




Day 11. Tuesday 


The Equator is crossed and now we are turning back, leaving at noon we are going to relocate back to Saint Lucia. 




Day 12. Wednesday


Arriving to Saint Lucia and making a stop at Sugar Beach in Pitons Bay.




Day 13. Thursday 


A quick relocation to Marigot (2-3 hours), spending time at the beach on the way to the bay and renewing our supplies.

You will have a chance to walk around the city where you can go to have a look at the volcano and enjoy the view of the city. Moreover, you can rent a four-wheeler and explore the area.




Day 14. Friday 


A relocation back to Martinique, Le Marin.


*the itinerary may change depending on the weather





What is going to be:



▹ Volcanos;

▹Diving and surfing for those who want;

▹hot springs;


▹sunrises and sunsets;



▹new friends;

▹team t-shirt;

▹and the whole storm of different feelings.

Join us and you are going to get unforgettable memories!


✔ Catamaran: Nautitech 441, 2014 year – 8 places


✔ Price: 14 days yacht/1 place (in a DBL cabin) – 1800 euro



✔Included in the price:


▹1 place in a DBL cabin;

▹ Captain’s services;

▹A team flag;

▹A team t-shirt or a hoody.



Additionally paid:


▹Flight and transfer to the departure destination;

▹Visa and tourist tax (if required, depends on nationality);

▹ Provisions (buying food on board and restaurants) ≈ 350 euro for 2 weeks;

▹Travel insurance;

▹Nonrefundable security deposit – 450 euro or refundable security deposit for the yacht – 4500 euro.





While weather patterns vary from island to island in the Caribbean, the one thing that is consistent about Caribbean weather is its year-round beauty.

Temperatures are usually moderate with very little seasonal variation.

You can pay in two parts.