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  • Zodiac club 750 Limited Edition

    Biograd na Moru, Croatia

    Стоимость аренды




    * Deposit 500 EUR

    * Fuel not included


    Zodiac Club 750 Limited Edition sports inflatable rental boat is equipped with an outboard 225 hp Yamaha engine.

    It can achieve up to 50 nmi speed while its cruising speed is about 30 nmi.

    The fuel consumption is approx. 20 l/h.

    Zodiac Club 750 charter boat has a capacity of up to 14 people.

    Therefore, it is ideal for you if you want to spend a pleasant time with friends or family.

    The bow is big so it can serve as a sun deck, and there is an awning at the stern area under which you can enjoy in the shade.

    The rental boat has 4 large and 2 small storage spaces.

    The skipper console is equipped with a LOWRANC 7 GPS chart plotter, on which you can listen to music.

    Zodiac Club 750 rental boat is ideal for people who want adventure (enjoy water sports: water skiing, wakeboard, tube ride...) as well as for people who prefer cruising along the Adriatic coast.

    Размещение и Экипаж

    Количество гостей


    Технические характеристики


    Yamaha 225 Hp

    Единицы измерения

    Запас топлива

    300 Литры 79 Галлоны US 65 Галлоны UK

    Запас пресной воды

    150 Литры 39 Галлоны US 32 Галлоны UK



    24.0 фут


    Biograd na Moru, Croatia