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  • Zar Formenti 61

    Orebić, Croatia

    Стоимость аренды




    Daily rent is from 9:00 to 18:00h.
    Minimum rent is 1 day.
    Safety deposit for daily rent: 300 EUR
    Safety deposit for weekly rent: 500 EUR
    *The fuel is not included in price.

    Skipper licence mandatory!


    Thinking about the perfect boat for rent?  The ZAR 61 with a length of six meters offers to all its guests the place and the comfort for a first class life on board.

    High motorized 4-stroke Suzuki outboard with 175 hp is very powerful and fuel efficient.

    The ZAR 61 design is the modern and most practical one today available, long and deep for a very soft and dry impact on the waves, fast and safe also in the worst driving conditions, nimble and manageable in the port.

    The ZAR 61 is very popular boat for rent because it confirms excellent marine performances of all the others ZAR models, without loosing safety and comfort, the most important ZAR project goals.

    The hull is as deep and long as the larger boats, but like all ZAR boats has its patented and unique hull shape, which allows a gentle suspension after a big wave.

    Who drove it, knows what we are talking about!

    Размещение и Экипаж

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    Suzuki 175HP 4-stroke

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    20.0 фут


    Orebić, Croatia