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  • Quicksilver 675 ACTIV Open

    Trogir, Croatia

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    Quicksilver 675, the best boat in the class comes with a modern, sportive and stylish design. Nice and cozy cockpit area equipped with a top-notch instruments will make you feel like a true captain. Even though this boat is an open type vessel, the cabin in the central console is big enough for two people, it provides protection and it is perfect for an afternoon nap. The cabin can also be used as a large storage compartment. Even though the boat has storage compartments in the bow and the deck areas. Activ 675 Open is designed with numerous well-thought features such as versatile bow area. The bow area can be converted into an extended sun lounge within seconds.

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    Технические характеристики


    Mercury EFI 150 HP

    Единицы измерения

    Запас топлива

    200 Литры 52 Галлоны US 43 Галлоны UK

    Запас пресной воды

    50 Литры 13 Галлоны US 10 Галлоны UK



    22.3 фут


    Trogir, Croatia