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  • Marlin 790 Pro Dynamic

    Trogir, Croatia

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    Renter must possess and present a valid boating permit together with an acceptable form of photo ID (i.e. national ID card, passport, or driver’s license).

    Multi day rentals span from 09:00 on the first day until 18:00 on the last day of the rental period. Daily rentals span from 09:00 – 18:00.

    Boats may be chartered bareboat or with a qualified skipper. Skipper service is not included in the price of the rental.

    The rental fee does not include fuel expense. The vessel is provided with a full tank of fuel and must be returned accordingly. Or, if you prefer, our staff may be called upon to fill the tank for you when you arrive.

    In addition to the rental fee, each charter requires a security deposit depending on the length of time and the vessel type / value. This deposit will be returned at the expiry of the lease contingent upon the vessel being returned as received, with its associated equipment intact – in the same condition that it was found – at the beginning of the rental period.

    All vessels are insured with a Casco policy. Passengers are insured up to the maximum number of permitted passengers allowed on the chartered vessel.

    Security deposit: 1.000 €

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    Style, space and comfort, three words to describe the amazing Marlin 790 Pro Dynamic – most versatile boat for rent in Split / Trogir area.

    Stylish – grey on white combination never gets old: grey leather seating areas fit in perfectly with the white interior and rubber sides. This boat is a real head turner!

    Spacious – Marlin 790 Pro Dynamic can safely and comfortably carry up to 12 passengers, which makes it a perfect day cruiser for bigger groups. Invite all
    your friends!

    Comfortable – specially designed stepped hull in combination with a deep “V” makes the boat fast but still able to cut through the waves and maintain grip in high speed turns. Rubber chambers are made of top quality Hypalon to soften out any wave.

    If you want to go on an adventure, have fun, and look good while at it, this is your boat.
    Add some of our water sports equipment to spice up your boating experience!

    Размещение и Экипаж

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    Honda FourStroke 250 hp

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    Запас топлива

    280 Литры 73 Галлоны US 61 Галлоны UK

    Запас пресной воды

    100 Литры 26 Галлоны US 21 Галлоны UK



    25.9 фут


    Trogir, Croatia