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    Marina del Rey, CA, USA

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    Create your unique travel program:

    - A wild boat party (plug in your own music):

    Have fun and relax in the company of close friends. Make noise to the fullest. Celebrate any holiday, whether it’s a birthday or a wedding anniversary. Any beverages and food can be taken! Jump from the boat and scare the fish as much as you like. Do whatever you want.

    - Romantic date:

    Surprise your soul mate. Meet the sunset in the wonderful places for panoramic filming. Have an unforgettable candlelight dinner, enjoy the night starry sky, or make an offer. Let the breeze scatter your loved hair. Have a small banquet and even wake up at dawn on the island's lonely coast (choose an island tour). 

    - Sailing lessons by Capitan:

    You will skill how to raise a sail, mooring, control the ship steering wheel, drop an anchor on the most beautiful beaches. Follow your course and hide behind the ocean horizon in a circle of loved ones. An experienced Captain will help you gain the attainments of a real sailor. Choose by mood: surf the ocean on the boat with the engine on and/or on a raised sail.

    - Scuba diving (masks and flippers provided):

    Dive underwater and become part of Marine life. This is more than a trip- it’s an undersea adventure. The mighty whales and sea lions will make you crazy. Have a fun time playing with dolphins. Feel weightless and visit the bright inhabitants of sea reefs.

    - Spinning fishing:

    It's a unique opportunity to cook and taste the fish that you have just caught. Fortune loves the happy – pull out of the sea big perch or trout. If you are tired of fishing with a fishing rod, then catch lobsters with your own hands!


    - Photo session (mind-blowing backgrounds only):

    We will help you choose the best places and angles for full-size panoramic shooting. Fantasy filming in real: rocks and reefs, goldfish Giribaldi like Nemo and smiling dolphins. Capture the evening sunset when the sun hides in the depths of the ocean. Shoot moments of life and take live photos.

    - And even Catalina or Channel Islands trip:

    Making your trip more fun with a whole day travel to the Catalina Island. The small cozy town of Avalon on the charming bay shores is waiting for you. This historic seaside destination has attracted movie stars, dignitaries and presidents for many years. The town has hotels, restaurants, spa and countless excursions and entertainment. Do not miss the opportunity to spend the night on the island to look at the stars while your friends on the beach make a barbecue. Explore the undersea gardens around Catalina Island. And if you are very brave then meet with the bison face to face.

    Choose a longer tour to try everything.


    You can also start with making a barbecue in a Burton Chace Park nearby prior boarding.

    Short note:

    Working 24/7 / Max 6 people on the board comfy / Pet’s friendly / Towels and sun cream provided

    * Gift voucher available. Give it to your relatives or friends. Surprise your colleagues. Sunrise and sunset trips, lite-trips or full skyline night tour. Give pleasure for a while.

    Eco tours and tours with minimum/ZERO emissions provided by Yachtinglosangeles aggregator company are distributed to captains with 6 pack lessons. Captains are fully responsible for the services provided and are first-class sailors with many years of experience.

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    Marina del Rey, CA, USA