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    Šibenik, Croatia

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    Deposit 1500 EUR

    Obligatory Extras

    Tourist Tax (pro person) 1.50 € per person/day

    Final Cleaning OC38 & OC40 150.00 € per booking

    Optional Extras

    Skipper (food not included) 1,050.00 € per week

    Deposit insurance 150.00 € per booking

    Extra Linen, towels 10.00 € per person

    Skijet/Week/ + Wakeboard + SKY + JobeUFO= 1500€ deposit 600.00 € per booking

    Outboard engine Oceanis 38,40,45 &46.1 80.00 € per week

    Beach towels - set for 2 10.00 € per person

    Wi Fi unlimited GB 30.00 € per week

    Paddleboard 50.00 € per week

    Общие сведения

    Год строительства



    Conceived exactly the way you would want it these days, the new trend is to offer a completely different lifestyle on board the Oceanis 38. Designed with an open plan inspired by lofts, the configuration of this cruiser can be adapted from the initial layout to evolve with your projects and your ideas on how you want to experience the sea. On the Oceanis 38 the ocean is a wide open playground – a place where you can cruise at new increased speeds single-handed or with the family and friends, at everyone’s pace and on all the world’s seas.

    Living on board an Oceanis 38 is a lifestyle in its own right. Her swiftness and safety find an echo in her elegance, comfort and a feeling of well-being. Each new Oceanis requires the passionate commitment of architects and designers, whose challenge it is to extend the limits of space, while increasing the craft’s performance at sea.

    The new Oceanis 38 offers a performance to habitability ratio second to none on this size of cruising yacht. Length and beam on the waterline have been extended to the limit to make her quick to cut through the water, while increasing stability.

    HAPPY offers three spacious cabins, an extra shower and a WC. Thanks to the possibility of taking out the partition of the front cabin to make it completely open, the Cruiser can also become a loft. A large kitchen faces the lounge area, which can seat up to six people.

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    30 hp

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    Запас топлива

    130 Литры 34 Галлоны US 28 Галлоны UK

    Запас пресной воды

    330 Литры 87 Галлоны US 72 Галлоны UK



    38.1 фут

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    13.1 фут


    6.9 фут



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    Šibenik, Croatia