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Yacht Charter in Spain: Beginner’s Guide

Yacht Charter in Spain: Beginner’s Guide

Whether you want some peace and quiet enjoying beautiful nature or to explore landmarks and cultural sights, chartering a yacht in Spain is just about the perfect to do it in all of the Mediterranean. Thousands of miles of beautiful coastline that offers everything you need from picture-perfect sandy beaches to historical architecture to bustling cities with some of the best nightclubs in Europe. Learn the best ways to rent a yacht in Spain and using GetBoat to receive the best offers.

Where to Go for a Yacht Charter in Spain

Depending on how you’re planning your vacation, you may want to get your yacht on the island groups of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands or begin your nautical trip straight from the mainland in Barcelona or Marbella.

The easiest way to reach any of the sailing destinations if you traveling internationally would be through Barcelona as you can both charter a yacht directly from the marinas there or take a boat ride to one of the islands. 

Alternatively, you can travel to Palma de Mallorca in the Balearics or any of the smaller airports and sail from there. Remember that a lot of times the yacht of your choosing can be transported to any desired location within the country borders, so there can be no compromises in terms of location when choosing a vessel.

Weather Conditions for Sailing in Spain

The country is located in that sweet-spot of Europe where the weather is great for sailing all-year-round. While it is enjoyable to charter a yacht in Spain even in the winter months, if you want to enjoy the welcoming waters of the Mediterranean, it’s better to plan your trip closer to Summer when the air temperature hovers around 30ºC on average and the sea temperature is pleasant 23-25ºC. On the other hand, you may want to choose the off-season in order to have a more relaxing trip with not so many tourists around.

During cold winter months, travel to the Canary Islands where the temperature is always pleasant and welcoming.

Where to Go Sailing in Spain

With Spain offering so many options for a great vacation, the itinerary really depends on your preferences. Let’s take a look at ways you can spend a great week or two sailing the Mediterranean.

Relaxing and enjoying the nature of the Spanish coast

Spain offers you a chance to carve out your own piece of paradise on the numerous beaches both on the mainland and on the islands. Enjoy the golden beaches of Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, or Costa del Sol not far from Barcelona, travel to Valencia and Malaga, or sail to the beautiful tropical havens of the Canary Islands and enjoy the bliss in such gems of the Mediterranean like Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Alternatively, you can sail to one of the smaller islands in the Balearic group to get away from all the noise.

The best places for nightlife activities in Europe

If you prefer to spend your nights partying in the clubs, there are few better places to do it than in Mallorca and Ibiza. The islands are located within the Balearic Island group and are the hot spot for some of the biggest festivals of electronic music in Europe.

If you want to sail along the mainland coast, try checking out Lloret De Mar located south of Girona. The small city offers so many nightclubs per square kilometer you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste.

During the daytime, these places will allow you to enjoy other activities like diving, snorkeling, or just getting a tan on a sunny beach whilst enjoying a refreshing drink.

Exploring historical landmark and enjoying the Spanish culture

Allow yourself to be awestruck by the beauty of the architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, or pour a glass of rioja while admiring the stunning Santa Barbara castle in Alicante. Wherever you sail in Spain you’ll encounter centuries-old ruins and castles, unique architecture, and some of the best art museums in Europe.

If you enjoy good food and like exploring the cuisine of different cultures, chartering a yacht in Spain will allow you to travel to all the best spots to have a taste of the culinary traditions of various regions.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht in Spain?

Being an incredibly popular location for yacht charter, Spain can offer the right vessel for any demand. Depending on the way you want to spend your time at sea, the desired level of comfort, and the duration of the charter, your budget can be as small as several hundred euros or easily amass to more than 100 000€.

For those with an adventurous spirit who have a captain license and ready to tame the winds, there are many sailing yachts to choose from with prices starting from 800 euros per week. If you don’t have a license but still would like to enjoy a nautical trip under sail, you can hire a captain for an additional fee.

For something faster and more powerful you can look at motor yachts and motorboats. The smaller vessels will cost you anywhere from 1500€ to 2000€. The rule about the captain’s license still applies so be sure to specify it when booking.

If you’re all about luxury and comfort, large crewed Mega-yachts may be the option for you. Enjoy all the decks with your company or family, take advantage of a skilled crew that will help you explore every note-worthy sight, and provide you with food and great service. Such pleasure is not cheap though, so be prepared to spend over 10 000€ on such a vacation.

Use GetBoat to Take Advantage of the Best Offers on Yacht Charters in Spain

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