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GetBoat’s Guide: How to Charter a Yacht in Croatia

GetBoat’s Guide: How to Charter a Yacht in Croatia

With over 300 boat charter companies and 3000 motorboats and yachts for rent, Croatia has become one of the world’s best places for spending holidays sailing. Indeed, 7 months of perfect sailing weather each year and numerous small islands you can visit create an inviting atmosphere for any fan of nautical vacations. The Adriatic sea offers crystal clear waters, beaches to rest on, and pleasant marinas where you can find anything you’ll need. Let’s take a look at every aspect of renting a boat in Croatia in further detail.


Where to Go for a Yacht Charter in Croatia

While you can easily charter a yacht in a large city of Dubrovnik and choose from a decent variety of boats down south of Croatia, there are several places that have even more yachts and motorboats to offer (along with lower prices).

The city of Trogir has several well-developed marinas with so many available boats, you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs perfectly. When the only thing you want is to rent a boat, Trogir is the sure-fire way to do it in Croatia as the location is extremely close to the Split airport, so you won’t need to have a long transfer — you would be able to walk to your yacht if you like, all while enjoying the city’s old cathedrals and architecture.

If you want to take advantage of a bigger city before setting sail, Split may be the option for you. Situated down the coast from Trogir, Split offers hundreds of options when it comes to yacht charters while being one of the bigger cities in Croatia with plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs when you’re ashore.

Finally, there’s Zadar up North and Pula which is the closest city to the capital of Croatia to rent a boat in. Both cities boast a large number of yachts and sailboats to charter with airports conveniently located near right next to them. These would probably be your choice if you’re looking to rent a large boat.

Ultimately, you would want to choose a city and a marina depending on the size of the yacht you’re looking for as not every port has a place for boats of a large size (80m plus). Remember to book your yacht at least a couple of months in advance in order to secure the best deals and vessels.


Where to Sail in Croatia

With over 700 islands and islets both inhabited and not, Croatia has perhaps the biggest number of options when it comes to spending a vacation at sea. You can choose to explore various settlements located throughout the coastline and enjoy Renaissance architecture that blends with beautiful nature, or to find your own spot to relax away from any people. Check out the bigger islands like Cres, Hvar (if you are a party person), or Losinj and plan your trip ahead. Be sure to ask the owner about some of the more interesting places to see as well, so as not to miss out on any hidden gems of the Adriatic that you can only reach by boat. There is so much to see, you can easily fill up even a longer nautical vacation.


Weather Conditions for Charting a Yacht in Croatia

There is a good reason Croatia has developed the largest charter cruising area in the world. The mild climate allows for smooth sailing seven months a year (from April to October) and moderate winds are perfect when you want a relaxing ride or if it is a family vacation at sea. The tides are small and won’t affect the comfort of your sailing. With over a thousand ports and marinas spread across the 1,777 km of the coastline, there will always be a quick way to get ashore even if the weather doesn’t work in your favor. While in summer the weather is perfect everywhere, during the autumn and spring months you may want to stick to southern locations for a great boating experience.

Here are some of the average seasonal temperatures in Croatia:

Months Air Temperatures Sea Temperatures
July, August 25°-30° Up to 28°
June, September ~25° 20°-25°
April, May, October 15°-25° 16°-21°


How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht in Croatia?

The number of yacht charter companies operating in the area is so big that the competition drives the prices way down. Croatia offers the lowest prices for a yacht charter in the whole Mediterranean. With GetBoat you can hire a sailing yacht from just €499 per week. But it all depends on what experience you’re looking for.

With bareboat charters, you’ll get the most autonomy and complete freedom over the boat you’ve chosen, but such charters require you to have a skipper’s license, a radio license, and enough skill to handle a boat. As you are paying no fees to the crew, the cost of a bareboat yacht charter is much lower than other options with prices starting at €499 per week, however, you’re limited to sailboats and powerboats up to 17 meters.

Two other options include going for a cabin charter which can be a great choice if you’re only getting into sailing, and, if you really want to give yourself the best treatment, you can go for a crewed luxury yacht that can host you and a group of your friends or family. Crewed vessels will cost you significantly more though (starting from over 11 000 €, as you will have to pay the fees of all the crew members.

A luxury yacht can cost you up to hundreds of thousands of euros.
The unmatched comfort of a crewed luxury yacht can cost up to hundreds of thousands of euros per week.


Use GetBoat to Get the Best Offers on Yacht Charters in Croatia

GetBoat uses a smart system to monitor the best deals in yacht charters and boat rentals around the world. We scan the marinas and negotiate with charter companies on your behalf to get the best prices. You just need to tell us which experience you’d like and we’ll do the rest providing you with several suitable options to choose from. Leave a request now and we’ll get the perfect boat for your next vacation at sea.