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5 Best Places to Charter a Yacht in 2021

5 Best Places to Charter a Yacht in 2021

it’s a new year, countries start to open their borders making traveling during the pandemic an option again. It’s a perfect time to plan your next voyage on a yacht charter, but you may still have some questions as to where to go since not every country is opened to traveling yet. we got you covered with this list of the 5 best places to sail on a yacht in 2021.


Yacht Charter in BVI

The beautiful tropical paradise that is the British Virgin Island group is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charters and for a good reason. Over 150 small and large islands can offer both a serene haven away from the prying eyes and plenty of hot spots for activities and nightlife. The island group saw few COVID-19 cases and the vaccines are already rolling out there, so you can safely book a yacht there for April, or wait until the tourist season is over and rent a boat around the summer months.

You can start your voyage from Tortola, exploring the island’s beautiful ruins and tropical forests, and set sail to Anegada if you’re one for snorkeling and diving, or choose Jost Van Dyke if you want to party and experience the nightlife on BVI.

For more detailed information on the aspects of climate, available vessels, and best places to visit in the British Virgin Islands head to our special guide.


Yacht Charter in Spain

Spain is another place where you can safely travel not worrying about restrictions, although you will need a document confirming you don’t have COVID in order to enter the country. When you do get into Spain, you’ll be able to explore the coastal beauties of Alicante and Barcelona, or book a yacht charter for the summer of 2021 and enjoy many beautiful islets in the Balearic Island group. 

If you want to escape the noise and crowds, plan your vacation for May.  During the late spring, the weather will allow you to have the best yacht charter experience while offering peace and quiet due to the touristic season not yet being opened. 

While there is not much nightlife action in Ibiza and other places in Spain known for their clubs and parties at the moment, things are looking better for the summer months and early fall.

All the marinas are opened and ready for business, so be sure to book a vessel in advance and check our detailed guide for advice on the type of boats available and pricing.

Yacht Charter in Turkey

Being one of the first countries to open its borders, Turkey has made every precaution to create a safe and pleasant experience for all the tourists. With marinas and ports being opened for several months at this point, you can be sure all the vessels were kept well-maintained and operational. Turkey also boasts some of the more attractive prices when it comes to renting a boat and relatively low costs of eating out, so this destination can be a great option for those seeking to have a budget yacht charter experience.

Choose one of four popular coasts: Ionian, Carian, Dorian, or Lycian depending on what you want to see and experience. Start your journey from Bodrum and repeat the famous Blue Cruise of Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli exploring the lagoons and natural gems of the Carian and Dorian coasts, feasting on the traditional cuisine in comfortable restaurants equipped with moorings for your vessel. The experience is only made better if you choose one of the readily available gullets to rent. Of course, you always have the option to rent a motorboat and forget about the winds.


Yacht Charter in Greece

While the country entered a second nationwide lockdown in November 2020, Greece is optimistic to open its borders by the summer season and welcome tourists from other countries. Don’t let this information deter you from making Greece your country of choice when looking for a yacht charter in Europe as it is just might be the best time to rent a boat.

The current restrictions mean that yacht charter companies lower their prices to unprecedented lows in order to attract clients. Seizing the opportunity now means that you will be able to experience the beauty of Greek nature, enjoy the marvelous cuisine, and explore the ruins of the ancient civilization without breaking the bank.

Greece itself is an amazing place for chartering a yacht, sailing from one island to another, and having the best time of your life. With over 6000 islands and so many cultural sites, it would take several vacations to see them all, the homeland of Hercules tops almost every other country in Europe when it comes to touristic voyages.

A developed network of airports will allow you to start your trip from the mainland as well as from any of the bigger islands, each offering a unique experience. For more details and tips on how to set sail in Greece check our guide.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

Pandemic or not, Croatia remains one of the most popular and well-known places for a nautical vacation. Indeed, thousands of available vessels of all shapes and sizes combined with a sailing season seven months-long result in a go-to location for any lover of sailing and the sea. In a similar situation to Turkey, Croatia has closed its borders for tourism during the winter months in hope of opening them fully during summer when it’s a high season for tourism. Such measures mean that the prices for yacht charter and boat rentals (that were already at a relatively affordable point) went down drastically, presenting a great opportunity to save a considerable amount of money by booking the charter in advance.

That means the majestic Adriatic sea has become even more accessible for those who want to experience several hundreds of islands, amazing local cuisine, and the sheer pleasure of sailing down the Croatian coast with the beautiful architecture and picturesque landscapes passing by.

To learn more of the ways you can charter a yacht in Croatia and enjoy the lovely country check our little guide.


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