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Diving in Greece and beyond

Diving in Greece and beyond

In Greece, a bill is being prepared that will improve tourism in this country. Thanks to the amendments, diving centres will be organized where you can dive under the care of instructors to objects that sank more than 50 years ago — this is now prohibited. 

Sights such as the German Ju-52 and the British submarine HMS Perseus will appear on the map of Greece. Both ships were damaged during World War II. Perhaps, for travellers, the most interesting will be the dive Park dedicated to the Britannic liner. The ship is called the "younger brother of the Titanic". Externally, they are identical, but the internal content is more convenient than on the legendary ship.

If you can't wait to dive in and experience new sensations, you should consider other options for diving destinations. We have compiled a small list where you can do this without waiting for the summer season.


The first thing that comes to mind for avid divers is the Great Barrier Reef. If you are only interested in diving, this place will become your dream. The largest coral reef on the planet has become home to Moray eels, stingrays, sharks and spotted octopuses. It is also home to the dugong which is listed in the Red book.

The water here is always comfortable for diving, and underwater visibility is excellent.


There is a blue hole that attracts all divers in the waters of the Red Sea. The sinkhole, at the bottom of the city of Dahab, has an azure colour, thus the name. Swimmers of different skills try to conquer the depth. However, it can be dangerous to swim without equipment. During freediving, the instinct for self-preservation recedes, and a person may fall into a state bordering on trance. To explore underwater caves, use the scuba gear.


You may not find diving in the waters of Malta as exciting at first as in other parts of the world. There are not so many fish here, but there are unusual landscapes: canyons, crevices in sea rocks, submerged warships. For example, you can find Antiques or climb into an English bomber on a French ship.


Famous Explorer of the world Ocean Jacques-Yves Cousteau believed that the Malaysian island of Sipadan is the only one of its kind. Its nature resembles the Great barrier reef near Australia. Divers can admire colourful tropical fish and swim among large barracudas and whale sharks. The coral forest is carefully protected so do not bring underwater cameras or gloves when diving.  

The underwater world attracts divers from all over the world. People choose to dive in the most picturesque corners of the planet. To make your vacation unforgettable and extraordinary, rent a yacht and go to explore hidden underwater landscapes.