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Trend for yachting holidays in Asia

Trend for yachting holidays in Asia

Over the past 15 years, Southeast Asia's economy has grown due to financial flows from Europe and America. More and more people are coming here on vacation and some move for good, consequently there is an increasing number of services and companies that support tourism: from industry to small trade. All this contributes to the fact that Asia is becoming popular in all aspects.

Holidays not on the Cote d'azur, but on the Andaman sea can become just as luxurious. Along with other holiday trends in Asia, the yacht industry is also on the rise. The Thai government understands that there is a direct financial benefit in Maritime transport. For example, foreign yacht owners are being attracted to rent out boats in Thailand under their own flags during the low season at home. The waters of Asia are filled with an increasing number of private yachts. 

New exhibitions, races and regattas appear, their value is becoming more noticeable at the world level. From 9 to 12 January, the annual Thailand Yacht Show was held in Phuket, which determined the trends of the yacht industry for 2020. The international yacht show presented boats, superyachts and the latest technical developments to the guests. In addition, exhibitors presented premium cars and art objects. 

 The number of shows and competitions is growing. About 15 different events are expected in 2020. An increasing number of visitors, brands, and sponsors are expected this year thanks to the emergence of these mass and prestigious events in Asia. This contributes to the prestige of Asian countries, determines holiday trends and status of this part of this part of the world.