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What to take on your charter vacation

What to take on your charter vacation


When packing for your yacht vacation you should keep in mind that luxury yacht charter differs from holiday resort. Due to limited space for luggage on board you’d better to pack only essentials.

Here are some tips and tricks.



As it has been mentioned above, there is limited storage space on board of superyacht, that is why you should better take only soft bags that can easily be stored away as hard and big suitcases are too difficult to store. 



Light summer clothing including bathing suites, lights t-shirts, skirts and shorts are to be expected on board a luxury yacht. Pack your bags depending on the destination: you will definitely not need a lot of warm clothes if you’re headed for sun and sand. Then, take some “casual“ clothes if you intend to eat ashore – most restaraunts expect their guests to comply with a kind of dress-code.



Most yachts ask guests to comply with "bare feet" rule whilst on board. Pack some soft tennis shoes and avoid wearing high heels as they can damage the deck. Land shoes are fine for walking ashore though remember to take them off as you step back on board.



Sunglasses, headwear and a high factor sun screen are absolute essentials. A good book or two, a personal music player such as an iPod and of course a camera are also necessities.



*  Leave your valuables at home (especially not waterproof ones)

*  Pack light

*  Pack several hats (wind can blow it away)

* Take essentials such as camera batteries, in non-touristy areas these things may be hard to find.

* Do not forget high factor sun screen, waterproof camera case, documents, charter contracts, seasickness medication (if applicable).