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How to select a charter company? 

As relationships with a charterer are normally built for long-term collaboration, it is crucial to choose the right company. Local or global?

Choosing a global company with a developed network of local offices you can benefit from international standards of services and company’s regional expertise. The best way to start is to ask your friends for recommendations. However, if you do not have anyone knowledgeable in the sphere, you also may find useful to check Internet reviews on different companies. Try to collect as many opinions as possible and use different sources. A good manager knows the industry's insights and he will steer you in the right direction. A great specialist does everything for you to be happy about your vacation. A frequent example is cruising with kids: some boats/crews are friendlier and better equipped for kids than others.

A manager should make a booking according to your special requirements and needs. He will provide you an initial selection of recommended yachts, based on the specifics you indicated. It requires deep industry knowledge and awareness of the client’s needs to make a perfect booking. Likewise a travel agent helps you in finding the best airline or hotel reservation, the yacht broker helps to match up a client with a perfect yacht. A charterer also takes into account information about seasons and destinations and therefore he is able to advise you alternative routes, of which you might not be aware.

There are four essential questions to answer in order to begin your journey: when, where, how many and how much. Let’s start now!