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Corporate Yacht Charter today is a very popular way to organize high-level events. If you want to impress potential clients, boost morale of employees and implement team building exercises in unique and memorable settings, corporate yacht charter is a perfect chose for you.
The breathtaking views, fabulous atmosphere and exellent service available on a super yacht are perfectly suited to industry networking, formal business meetings and hosting exclusive events.

Modern  superyachts are equipped with everything necessary, so they are suitable for elegant evening events, and for week-long cruises. Corporate Charter provides the best service to meet all your needs and the needs of Your business. The elements of complete privacy, fresh food and a variety of activities will allow you to create a truly special time.

Meetings & Conferences

Today, increasingly popular yacht trips for business purposes. CEOs organize corporate charter, to be able to conduct important meetings or to sign the contract away from the distractions of the office. Yacht charter provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships with clients and suppliers in complete comfortwhilst the host can benefit from the flexibility of choice available throughout.

Modern luxury Charter yachts can offer a wide range of opportunities on Board to meet specific requirements, such as meeting rooms and official rooms. On yachts provides various communication equipment like Wi-Fi, satellite telephone and email access to ensure easy and reliable connection with office or with family.

A nice bonus super yacht is the availability of magnificent dining areas on the deck under the open sky with fresh air, breeze and a great view. It is ideal for meetings in a unique informal setting without sacrificing comfort and quality. Corporate yacht charter offers the perfect balance between business and pleasure in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Corporate Events & Product Launches

Yacht charter offers a fresh and innovative approach to corporate events or event of hospitality with a choice of the most incredible and beautiful locations and definitely unsurpassed luxury. A corporate event is especially designed to meet the specific needs of Your business and clients, with knowledge and experience, with experienced crew to ensure that everything works perfectly.

Corporate Charter yachts can accommodate up to 140 people per day, and sleeps up to 80 guests, exclusive surrounded by luxury and comfort. The beauty of the corporate event on a yacht is that you can dock in the beautiful Harbor, and on shore to spend an unforgettable time beneficial to your business and your company.

Team Building

Corporate events on a yacht is a great opportunity to improve relations between colleagues and promote team relations. For raising and promotion of team spirit can make an interesting program that will include water or shore excursions, where teams can work together or get involved in some fun competitive games.

Sometimes one boat can accommodate the entire team, but there is a solution - you can rent a few boats that will go in tandem. Charter yachts allow conducts a variety of activities on Board for their guests that contribute to improving working relationships. When boats are docked, guests can visit one yacht to another during communication with colleagues, share experiences and just to discuss the trip.

If you are planning a corporate event on a yacht, then do it well in advance. It is important, when you make the bookings of the yacht, consider all your needs. We want to note that all details are agreed with the owners and then finally booked. Check out our large selection of yachts to get inspiration for the perfect corporate event.