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Wellness yachting lessons

Go yachting is not only about having party or fishing.

We are living in the big crowded cities and we are always stressed by different things.

It has been known from the past that the water has a beneficial effect on us.

So we want to share with you an offbeat approach to having complete wellness. 


relaxing on a boat.​.massage


Our partner, based in Miami Florida and comprised of the most talented holistic practitioners in South Florida, they provide a unique tailored private onsite individual wellness appointment or a wellness program for groups of people. They arrange a lot of different complexes of wellness activities to detox your body, mind and spirit like massage, acupuncture, mind Bodywork, water Wellness and yoga.




One of the most fascinating thing is water wellness. which is possible to make on yacht.

There are two ways: Paddlemasana and ZenAqua activities.


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Applying various healing treatments and mind body techniques,  certified instructors offer three possible services of aquatic therapy categorized as ZenAqua activities: AquaMassage, Aqua Healing Therapy and Hydro Pilates.

Combined with meditative and relaxation techniques, the water wellness experts create a connection to the vital life energy flow while balancing muscle tone and unlocking the body muscular regions prone to contract.


balancing on board on a surf


Coined as Paddlemasana, they provide various types of stand up paddle board (SUP) actititivies, including SUP Yoga and SUP Meditation. All of our SUP classes are taught by our certified SUP Yoga instructors, who will tailor the activities to fit your needs, regardless of your level of skills. 


For our clients we give a special offer - 15% off for water wellness complex.

We'll organise a wonderful journey for you on one of our luxury yacht!