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Wedding is always a dream!

Celebrate your special day with a customized wedding on a yacht, surrounded by sparkling waves and fabulous seascapes! Realize your fantazy! Wedding organisation is a very difficult thing. You always face a dillema - how to make it in amazing way. And we hava a solution! Organize your fantastic wedding using one of our boats! Imagine exchanging vows under the stars, surrounded by the sparkling blue sea. Or celebrating your first few moments as husband and wife while the sun dips into the ocean. All of your guest will be so surprised and will remember that party for a long time!




You can fulfill all your dreams. The yacht can be beautifully decorated by flowers, the great cuisine can be offered by the best chefs and our proffesional crew will make your party as one of the best momemts in your life.

Spend a lovely moment in a luxury environment!