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Villefranche sur Mer is among the most exclusive destinations of the French Riviera, thanks to its numerous luxury vacation villas, some high class hotels, and the many yachts that are regular visitors to this bay.


The town is calm and picturesque and offers the opportunity to stroll up and down its steps in search of boutiques, shops and restaurants, or to go for a romantic walk in the locations where Sean Connery became Agent 007 in some scenes from the unforgettable 1983 film Never say Never.



Among the buildings of great interest to tourists, the Citadel is a magnificent military structure which, in olden days, protected the gulf from sea-based attacks.Today this magnificent fortress houses museums, sculptures, and mementos of its last inhabitants. Do not miss the promenade inside the bastions, from which you can admire its tranquil flowered garden. Moreover, this destiniation allows you to enjoy various water sports including the most popular ones: scuba diving, Jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and many others! 




The best way to arrive into Villefranche is by sea, not only is this the best view of the town, the route by car down to the old town and waterfront is very tricky in the high season due to the narrow streets and heavy traffic. Use our luxury charter to orgazine a very nice vacation.

During the summer time this amazing village offers a fantastic time for spending your wonderful and romantic holidays!