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Thailand. The Andaman Sea


Thailand - one of the most popular countries where you can get in the winter to the warm sea.


The mild climate, exotic at every turn, friendly locals, delicious cuisine - all this, plus a private yacht, a personal chef and an individual itinerary. Yachting in Thailand attracts salted "sea wolves" and those who only want to try to sail for the first time and go to uncharted islands.





The journey will take place on board one of the best creations of the French shipyard CATANA, the Bali 4.5 sailing-motor catamaran This yacht embodies the idea of ​​an ideal sea voyage with maximum comfort, space, visibility and reliability. 4 spacious cabins for passengers are bright due to the wide windows, with double beds, separate bathrooms and air conditioning. Silence, lack of vibration. All this allows passengers to feel like guests of the hotel.

A large cockpit with a dining area, a flybridge from a height of which you can appreciate all the beauty of the sea and the elegance of a sailing yacht and a seating area in the bow with a sofa-transformers tables and a huge solarium.

The catamaran is designed for 12 passengers, but for maximum comfort the recommended number of guests is 8.

Your journey will take place under the tutelage of a professional team of 2 people.






Day 1


The first day is the most exciting.

You arrive at the marina, meet with your captain, want to see your snow-white yacht as soon as possible, wash off the fatigue after the flight and put on something light. And so, you come on board the yacht and understand that your life for the next week is an adventure, dolche-vita and road movie in one bottle. All bags are immersed, the yacht is inspected, instructions are given and the captain takes the helm with a firm hand and commands “Give up the moorings!” Ahead of the week of adventure, islands, buzz, sun, chat with friends, and all your problems and troubles remain astern, on the beach, in gray metropolitan areas, boring offices. On the first day, you should not do feats, the main task is to feel the rhythm of the waves, not to get burnt in the sun and not to hurry anywhere. Nevertheless, the yacht glides over the waves, the captain raised the sails, mile after mile remain behind you, and in front you can see the outlines of the famous Similan, which are among the ten most beautiful islands in the world.


Day 2


The second day of the trip is dedicated to the Similan Islands.

Similans consist of 9 islands, the largest of them are # 4 (Koh Miang) and # 8 (Koh Similan). We spent the night at the fourth, so today we plan to land on the eighth - the one that is known for its snow-white beach and viewing platform. Already on the way, the island is fascinating with its unusual shape: the rocks, like huge rounded boulders, perfectly matched in shape and neatly laid on each other. The beach is gorgeous: the purest nano-sand that flows between your fingers, as if you are raking water and a beautiful lagoon where all the shades of aquamarine and blue topaz are a fascinating place, you don't even want to leave.




Day 3


The journey continues! Surin, we go!


After enjoying the beauty of Similan, we go to even more interesting islands - the Surin archipelago. The sand is whiter, the water is even bluer, and the tourists are less and less.

These islands are located very close to the Burmese border and seem to be specially created by nature for lovers of secluded coves, wild beaches and swimming in turquoise water. Just like the Similans, the Surin Islands are a national park with minimal infrastructure.

On the way to Surin, we will stop for lunch near another magical island - Tachai.

Unfortunately, it is now closed to tourists, so we can only look at the amazing Tachaya Beach from afar, but we simply have to explore the amazing coral reefs located next to it. Prepare underwater cameras and wear flippers!




Day 4.5


Surin from all sides

The fourth day we will devote to the study of the Surin Islands.

We will visit all the beautiful bays, land on the white beaches, plenty of nakupivaetsya and explore coral reefs in search of rare inhabitants of the underwater world. Visit Richelieu Rock - the most interesting spot, where even whale sharks and small whales enter. In the evening - a bonfire and a barbecue on the beach.


Day 6


It would not want to stay here for another couple of days, but it's time to go back.

The fifth day will be devoted to hunting tuna! On the way to Similan, we will try to get to the table the freshest tuna sashimi. Also possible options: barracuda, dorado, sailboat. Everything that fishing luck will give us will be on our table for dinner.


Day 7


Returning to your native harbor, sharing impressions, a competition for the best photo, say goodbye, but not forever.




The next target is a cruise to Langkawi and seaplane flights.


Price for 1 D in: 4500 


 10% discount for early booking (3 months before start date of charter)

5% discount for booking more than 1 cabin


What is included in the price:

•  Accommodation in a cabin with a double bed;

•  Team Services;

•  Fuel;

•  Fresh water;


•  Inflatable boat with outboard motor;

•  Rescue Equipment;

•  Navigation equipment;

•  Bed linen and towels;

•  Fully equipped kitchen;

•  Gas for gas stove;

•  First Aid Kit;

• Masks and snorkel tubes;

•  Fishing rods for trolling fishing;

•  Final cleaning of the yacht;


The rent does not include:


•  Fly to Phuket;

•  Foods, drinks;

•  Fees for visiting national parks


Additional service:


•  Cook - we can invite you to cook, a specialist in European or Thai cuisine, agree on an individual menu

•   Diving - our route passes through the islands included in the top ten world diving sites, we can arrange for you a dive with a professional instructor, even if you have never dived with scuba diving

•   Yachting training - you can get a license from IYT International crew, the International Crew Program is made for those who want to start their way in yachting, do not want to be a passive passenger, but are willing to take an active part in yacht management. This is the first step for those who want to become a yacht captain, the best way to join the yachting in the format “Traveling on a yacht with friends.”