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Saint-Martin is located in the Caribbean Sea and is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the world.



"Main Sailing Routes Around St Maarten"


But despite its unimpressive size, it holds ownership of two states: Saint-Martin (French ownership, the northern part of the island), Sint Maarten (Dutch Authority, the southern part).The most popular and most visited is the first. This is understandable, the French resorts have always been a luxury and a high level of security.



"Breathtaking View"


Guests will appreciate the large variety of entertainment, including several major casinos, real French restaurants and European nightclubs. Day offers a variety of outdoor activities - kitesurfing, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing in coral reef area, diving and others. The water here is very clear and you can see the coral at a depth of 60 meters. You can also recover a safari in the jungle, choose horseback riding or a picnic in the mountains. Well, of course relaxing on the white beaches of the many islands, including Maho Beach, Long Bay, Cupecoy, Anse Marcel, Simpson Bay.



"Luxury Resorts"


Among the bright spots on the island, which are also worth visiting, there are Fort Louis - an ancient fortress of 1767, an unusual Butterfly Farm, as well as the Creole village of Colombier.Among the features of the island its economic position should also be mentioned. It is the center of the duty-free zone, so there are several hundreds of Duty Free shops. A wide range of French perfumery, jewelry, clothing and electronics make St. Maarten be a very popular place for shopping.



"Old-fashioned Narrow Shopping Streets"


Photos of one of its beaches - Maho Beach - have become very popular and recognizable thanks to a special arrangement of Pritsessy Juliana International Airport. Runway here begins immediately after the narrow coastal line, so that the aircraft is hovering just above the beach at the height of 20 meters.


"Maho Beach"