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ST. Barts

When people ask us, "Where should we go on our honeymoon?" - and we do get that question a lot - we'll often suggest St. Barts.

Yes, it's the playground of the rich and famous, which gives the island a high-end vibe, like that gourmet restaurant you only go to on your anniversary.



"Sailing Routes Suggestions"


The climate on St Barts is a tropical maritime with seldom rains. The temperature through the year stays withtin the limits of 22 and 30°C and the delightful trade winds (Les Alizés) add to the comfort level. There is rarely a day without sunshine. In short, the weather here is almost perfect, and combined with water temperatures averaging 25°C in the winter and 29°F in the summer, it's an island paradise and an ideal vacation destination year-round.



"Beautiful Island"


If you are looking for a place to swim, snorkle and relax - Baie de St-Jean is one of the most famous St Barts' bays. Perhaps it’s due to the brilliant aquamarine water or the glamorous sunbathers that the bay could make you swear that you were basking on the French Riviera. This idyllic stretch is also a preferred spot for windsurfing or snorkeling (the reef-protected waters here are generally calm), and you'll find a few cute boutiques and bistros nearby for when you need a break from the water.



"Baie de St-Jean"


Unless you're staying at a hotel on the northwest side of the island you may never see this beach, but travelers looking for a quieter (and wider) stretch of sand than the one found at St. Jean should make the effort to check it out. Luckily, it's only about 3 miles north of Gustavia. The beach offers a little palm-tree shade (rare on St. Barts' beaches) and is home to plenty of area eateries and facilities should you get hungry, thirsty or more. 



"Quiet and Distant"


Dining on St. Barts compares favorably to almost anywhere in the world. Varied and exquisite cuisine, a French flair in the decor, sensational wine, and attentive service make for a wonderful epicurean experience in almost any of the more than 80 restaurants. On most menus, freshly caught local seafood mingles on the plate with top-quality provisions that arrive regularly from Paris. Interesting selections on the Cartes de Vins are no surprise, but don’t miss the sophisticated cocktails whipped up by island bartenders. They are worlds away from cliché Caribbean rum punches with paper umbrellas. The signature drink of St. Barts is called "’ti punch," a rum concoction similar to a Brazilian Caipirinha. It’s also fun to sit at a bar and ask the attractive bartender for his or her own signature cocktail.



"Night Bars in St Barts"


St. Barth is a popular yachting and sailing center, thanks to its location midway between Antigua and St. Thomas.Gustavia's harbor, 13 to 16 feet deep, has mooring and docking facilities for 40 yachts. There are also good anchorages at Public, Corossol, and Colombier. You can charter sailing and motorboats in Gustavia Harbor for as little as a half day, staffed or bareboat. Ask at the Gustavia tourist office or your hotel for a list of recommended charter companies.


"Luxury Yachts in St Barts' Port"