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Italy is the best place for yacht tourism: historical shipyards, Cote d'azur, beaches with pink sand — this is combined with unique architecture and rich cultural heritage. If you choose yacht tourism for vacation, go to Sardinia. Yacht tours in Sardinia are popular with all arriving travelers.



Sardinia is a picturesque island in the Mediterranean sea, the second largest after Sicily. The coastline pass for 2 thousand kilometers, including wild beaches and beaches with excellent service.

The climate on the island is subtropical, but it does not mean that you can sunbathe all year round. From May to October it is very hot, in other months the maximum temperature reaches +15 °C. The most comfortable time to relax is spring.



White yachts are one of the sighseeings of the island. Tourists come here from the mainland to enjoy a sea cruise. Book a yacht and boat charter in Sardinia to diversify your vacation.

During the sea trip you will visit:



1. Costa Smeralda. This is a dazzeling place for vacation of world stars and the most expensive superyachts. At the resort, take a look at the Spa, shop in the boutiques and do not forget about the Nightclubs. There is the famous  Costa Smeralda yacht club in Porto Cervo. Every year there are several regattas.

2. Porto Cervo. There is the famous Costa Smeralda yacht club in Porto Cervo, where several regattas are take place every year. Porto Cervo is ideal for tourists who want an active holiday, including a large number of walks mixed with beautiful scenery. The town is dotted with stone pitchforks, colorful modern buildings and well-kept private gardens.

3. The La Maddalena archipelago. 7 uninhabited Islands are for those who are tired of noisy parties and crowds of tourists. Clean water, great views of Corsica and a picnic at sunset. Only you can decide how to spend the day here.

4. The best dive sites. We recommend go to the "City of mollusks” at a depth of 10 meters for beginners, and for experienced divers go “Cave nereya”. Near Cape Kachua you dive to a depth of 30 meters. If you need equipment, tell the manager before booking the yacht.

5. Corsica. The island is within easy reach. Make a stop at the port of Bonifacio and visit the city itself: climb the Aragonese stairs, go fishing with the locals and buy Souvenirs.

6. The best beaches. The sea landscape in different parts of the coast is quite diverse, so you should visit several beaches. On the coastline of the Costa Rey will pay attention to the beaches of Cala Pira and Cala Sinzias. It is believed that the Costa Rei most luxurious resorts. On the East coast do not miss the Rice beach (Spiaggia del Riso), Sipius and Capo Carbonara. The route to the places for a beach holiday is best to discuss with the captain.



On island it is worth to visit Cagliari, the capital of the Sardinia. You will be in love with Castello, the historic part of the city. Be sure to go to the Roman amphitheatre, the Singing stones garden and the Necropolis.

Each location has modern marinas and ports where you can moor a yacht and go on a tour of the area. The main ports are Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero. It is possible to spend the night practically in any Bay, in advance having coordinated your offer with the captain. You can rent a yacht in Sardinia in any port or Marina. Do not forget to book a vessel in advance to have time to get the best offer from the broker. You can leave a request on our website.

Rent a yacht in Sardinia to appreciate the sea vacation. Discover secluded coves on the coast, admire the scarlet sunsets and just enjoy your vacation in the Mediterranean sea.