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Santorini is one of the largest Islands of the Cycladic archipelago, which located in the Aegean sea. This land arose after the strong eruption of the volcano Santorini in the XVI century BC. Come here to travel among the volcanic landscapes, to study how to dive, to visit the Church of Panagia-bishops of the XI century or the Museum of prehistoric times.



The hallmark of AI and Fira, the main cities, have long been white houses of cubic shape, built on the rocks above the underwater Caldera. It offers amazing views of the sea, the neighboring Islands of Tirasia and Tholos Naftilos, as well as the coast of volcanic origin with black, red and white pebbles.

Tourists relax on the luxurious beaches of Santorini. For example, Kamari is considered the most popular and therefore crowded. There are cabanas, sun loungers for rent, cafes and restaurants on the pebble promenade until midnight. If you want to retire, go to the beach of Perissa, stretching for 8 kilometers along the sea. The water is very clean and warm, the entrance is flat, but the bottom is rocky. There are fewer people here, but no special facilities. For families with children perfect monolith with fine pink sand and a Playground. To diversify your stay, you can rent a yacht in Santorini and go on a cruise. You will visit the neighboring Islands, swim in the open sea or for a while become a real fisherman. 

The climate on the island is typical for the Mediterranean: hot and sunny summers, mild and humid winters. The temperature in June reaches +25 °C, and in December the air drops to +15 °C.

In the Central and southern regions warmer than in the North. The best time to visit Santorini is from may to September. In October, the rains begin and it becomes cool. 

There are two ports on the island, which every tourist must visit. Athenios is a modern port where ferries arrive from all over the country and cruise liners to the Islands of Crete and Naxos. During the tourist season there are often arranged regattas. The city of Oia is the ancient port of Ammoudi, which is the main attraction of the island. It offers amazing views of the surrounding area.

Another old port is considered the heart of Fira, where tourist ships sail. Many travelers come here to enjoy the sunsets against the background of the Aegean sea and the red rocks. To do this, they use the rental yachts in Santorini, so that everyone can go on a unique journey, become a captain or a pirate. 



During the Santorini yacht tour you will be able to visit:


1. Mikonos. During the day, tourists relax on the beaches, and in the evening dance on the embankments until the morning or explore the best bars of the island. We recommend you to visit the beaches of Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. White fine sand, gentle entrance to the water, free sun loungers and umbrellas — what else do you need for a great holiday?

2. Skiathos. It was there that the shooting of the famous film Mamma Mia took place, and now every summer they organize a festival in honor of Abba group. Guests are offered to become not only spectators, but also to perform on stage with their favorite song.

3. Milos. The city resembles a half-flooded ancient crater surrounded by pine forest and on the island there are about 8 dormant volcanoes and one active mount Savit. The best is considered the recreation area Paliochori. The coast is strewn with small pebbles, the entrance to the water is flat. For a comfortable stay on the beach specially planted palm trees to be able to hide in the shade from the hot sun.

4. Corfu. In the XVIII century here lived Giacomo Casanova, and in the XIX century the island became the residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Now there are numerous Spa hotels and entertainment centers on the beach. The best beach is considered Paleokastritsa, always clean and sparsely populated.

5. Cephalonia. People come here to visit the picturesque villages of Asos and Fiskardo. And after a long day to cross the wooden makeshift boat blue Melissani lake cave in the forest.


Charter yachts and boats in Santorini is popular among travelers who are used to plan their own vacation and route. Discover Greece from a new side and instead of walking, arrange a sea.