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Rhodes is the largest island in Greece and part of the Dodecanese. This place attracts tourists with its numerous resorts, spas, ancient sights and warm waters of the Mediterranean. 

Many travelers choose this place to stay, because they can rent a yacht in Rhodes and go on a cruise to the neighboring Islands are Simi and Santorini.



The climate in Rhodes is Mediterranean. The tourist season lasts from May to October. Winter is mild. The temperature reaches +10-16 °C. in Spring the sun warms the air to +24 °C. Summer is dry. July and August are the hottest months. Autumn is the best time to visit Rhodes. The heat had already subsided, the travelers left, and the sea is warming is up to +22 °C.

On the island there is an ancient port Mandraki. It is protected by breakwaters and divided into two harbors. Ships moor in the main first berth. They are sent to Piraeus and back. Cruise charter run from the second port. This part of the port was established in 408 BC and works to this day. 


During the Rhodes yacht tour you will be able to visit:


1. Lindos. Make a stop at the wild beaches on the East coast or swim in the open sea. If you want to see the ruins of the fortress of the knights Of St. John, go to in 5 kilometers from Lindos. There is an open-air museum is the ancient Acropolis of the goddess Athena.

2. Symi. On its territory stands the ancient monastery of Panormitis and art gallery, where paintings and other works of art of the X-XIII centuries. There is also a Maritime Museum, where personal belongings of seafarers of Greece are stored.

3. Marmaris. Take a day trip to another country on a yacht or sailing boat to get acquainted with the new culture and feel the local flavor.



4. The island of Spinalonga. Go there if you want to see the Greek port of the same name with a picturesque view of the sea, and then walk through the picturesque Bay of Kolokifa. The program provides fishing and beach holidays. Overnight stay will be at the Marina of Agios Nikolaos.

5. Sitia. Here you can visit the factory, which produces the best olive oil in the country and to participate in the process of collecting olives. 

There are no yacht shows or exhibitions in Rhodes because the island is considered to be the cultural and historical center of the country, where travelers from all over the world come. In the tourist season is especially popular yacht rental in Rhodes. After all, the territory can be explored both on land and enjoy it from the sea.

Charter yachts and boats in Rhodes is striking in its diversity: motor and sailing, small vessels and superyachts, pleasure boats and real cruise yachts. Become a real captain in your journey and discover the nature and sights of Rhodes.