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Positano is located in the South of the Sorrento Peninsula, in 60 kilometers from Naples. The resort tourists are attracted by the crystal clear sea, relaxed atmosphere and fine sandy beaches: Marina Grande, Fornillo, and Torre Clavel and others. Locals and tourists like to relax here. There are fine Golden sand, majestic rocks and a gentle entrance to the water. Yacht rental in Positano is popular among tourists who want to relax not only on the coast, but also to see the city from the sea side, go fishing or go to the neighboring Islands.



The tourist season in Positano lasts all year. At any time of the year, the air temperature drops below +22 °C. Only in November the air warms up to +17 °C and a large amount of precipitation falls. Lattari mountains protect the resort from strong winds from the North, so there are no high waves. For the same reason, there are no sharp tides in the Tereen sea, and there are ideal conditions to rent a yacht in Positano and learn how to operate a vessel under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The city has a small pot. There are small fishing boats and sometimes come and luxurious white yachts. Fresh seafood is sold here early in the morning, and cruises around the Peninsula or to nearby towns in the afternoon and evening.


Go on a yacht tour to Positano to see:


1. Amalfi Coast. While walking to visit the Li Galli island. According to legend, real siren live  in the local bays. In the city it is worth to visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew and the garden Abode of Paradise. There are bloom white and red roses, the best in Italy. If you want to see the wonders of nature, go to the sea grotto of Emerald caves.

2. Sorrento. Take a walk along the coastline to get closer to the volcano Vesuvius through the Bay of Naples, and from there to the island of Ischia. Taste national dishes and swim in the mountain springs.



3. Capri. While cruising around the island, take a look at the white grottoes, Arco Naturale, Casa Malaparte and Faraglioni. If you want to swim, go to Marina Piccola and visit the sea cave, which leads to the Blue grotto.

4. Pompei. You will find yourself in the ancient Castellammare di Stabia port and then see the ruins of the ancient city Pompeii from the sea. Guides will conduct a sea excursion, and the bravest tourists will be able to lower to the bottom and try to collect pearls.

Charter yachts and boats in Positano is the opportunity to raise the sails and enjoy a holiday in the warm Mediterranean sea. Choose a model ship that meets your requirements and make a route around the Italian coast.