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The Bahamas, having its capital, Nassau, located on 21-mile-long New Providence, stretch across 500 miles of the Caribbean Sea. These islands, San Salvador in particular, were Christopher Columbus' first landfall in the New World.


"The Bahamas"


The Bahamas are blessed with warm weather all year-round: the temperature lingers between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius due to the constant gentle trade winds. The period from September to May is considered to be the most popular time for visiting as the temperature remains around 22 degrees Celsius. The rain season, which starts in May and goes on till November, does not scare the tourists as rains are short and are compensated by about 340 sunny days a year. Therefore, you can enjoy fishing, diving, snorkeling and swimming year-round.


"Long white sand beaches"


Nassau is either about relaxation or shopping. The city is filled with the examples of 18th and 19th century British Colonial architecture mixed with modern hotels, bars and shops. We prepared a short list of must-see places on the magnificent islands of Bahamas.

One of the top attractions in the Bahamas is Atlantis, a luxury hotel, which also has an aquarium and an entertainment complex with a water park. Atlantis’s aquarium is considered to be the largest outdoor aquarium in the world, specializing in native tropical species. The water park is famous for its Leap of Faith, a 60-foot drop through a tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. Pretty scary, eh?


"Atlantis Hotel"


Another famous sightseeing place is the Cable Beach, named so because the submarine telegraph cable came ashore here. Despite all the luxury resorts lining the coast, it still manages to strike the imagination of tourists: beautiful Caribbean beach with the softest white sand and wonderful turquoise waters that offer stunning clarity, so much that a dropped coin can be visible on the sandy ocean floor from the deck of your yacht.


"Beautiful coastline"


Then comes Downtown and Bay Street - a place which combines bustling number of modern shops, where you can find some of the best duty-free goods, Straw Market, famous for its woven items such as mats, hats and baskets, and the Pirates of nassau Museum. The last one enables the visitors to take a rest from shopping and explore a replica of the pirate ship Revenge, interact with theatrical pirate hosts and take a look at how the shanty town of Nassau looked like before.


"Pirates Museum"


Why take a boat when visiting Bahamas? First of all, there are so many islands surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, through which you can see the coral reefs and the marine life of the open ocean. Take a round trip around Northern Exumas, visiting on your way various marinas: Chub Cay, Atlantis and Nassau Harbor Club. Or you can go to a destination that has more of the treats of civilization than outlying areas – Hub of the Abacos.


"Peaceful and colorful"