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Naples is the historical and cultural center of Italy. The city, founded in the II Millennium BC, is located at the foot of the active volcano Vesuvius. Its strongest eruption destroyed Pompeii, the ruins of which are still preserved. In the historical part of Naples, you can see walking tourists, fascinated looking at the surroundings. The center is best seen from the observation deck of Castel Nuovo castle. If you want to arrange a tour on the water, go to the ports of Molo Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa. These are the largest sea transport hubs connecting with neighboring cities and the Islands. Fishing boats and merchant ships are moored here.



You can rent a yacht in Naples if you want to arrange an unforgettable sea adventure, visit the most remote and picturesque bays, sunbathe on the deck and have Breakfast with fresh seafood.

It is worth to come to Naples between April and October. Most tourists come here in July and August when the temperature reaches +29 °C. If you avoid the flow of tourists, it is better to buy tickets in the period from February to March. Yacht rental in Naples is valid all year round. Choose the model that suits you best, and enjoy your vacation in the bright sun, and listening to the lapping of the waves.


Before the trip, we recommend you to get acquainted with the most popular destinations:


1. Isola d'Ischia. Locals call it the emerald Ischia because of the abundance of pine, olive and citrus groves. During the day you can visit the Aragonese castle, the National Museum in Lacco Ameno or the Observatory in Casamicciola. But most of all tourists like to bask in the natural baths of thermal springs, swim in the sea and sunbathe on the wild beaches.

2. Capri. One of the most popular Islands and a favorite place to stay. Visit mount Solaro to admire the surroundings from the top and then go for a diving or surfing lesson.

3. Pompei. An ancient Roman city buried under a layer of volcanic ash. Visit the real Museum under the open sky, which is listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. You will see buildings, gardens, and monuments. Walk along the stone streets of the eternal city.



4. Sorrento. The rhythm of life in the city is measured: there are no noisy parties and crowds of tourists. Start exploring Sorrento with a visit to the XI century Duomo Cathedral, and try the local ice cream in Piazza San Antonio. Be sure to relax on Punta del Capo beach and discover new sports: Windsurfing, flyboard or surfing.

5. Bacoli. Cozy and quiet village. Go to Cape Misenum, where you can make a jump with a paraglider or balloon. Visit the grotto of Dragonara in the evening: the sunset is reflected in the water, and everything is illuminated with bright yellow-orange light.


Every year in the city at the pier hosts a variety of yacht shows and exhibitions. In February, Editalia SRL and Mostra Oltremare Spa organized the International Boat Show. It was visited by more than 100 000 people. During such events are particularly popular yacht tours in Naples. 

Forget about the usual things while on vacation, close your mail and messengers. Book a yacht and boat Charter in Naples. Give yourself a dream and embark on a new voyage beyond the horizon with an experienced captain and a reliable team.