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     Miami is located in the South-East of Florida. Its coast is washed by Biscayne Bay. The capital of yachting has the largest number of yachts in the USA. Snow-white beaches, azure waters and gentle sun beckon travelers to moor the boat in the nearest port and enjoy the rest. The climate in the city is mild due to warm Gulf stream waters. You may come here at any time of the year, but hurricanes and heavy rains are rather frequent from May to September.


     Yacht charter in Miami is a great opportunity to go on an unforgettable cruise and enjoy the picturesque views of one of the most gorgeous coasts which is washed by the Atlantic ocean. You can sail to any port, get acquainted with the sights of cities and islands, as well as sunbathe on the beaches, that one can reach by boat only.  


     Miami has many ports and marinas where berth can be provided. Municipal marinas offer hourly, daily, night berthing and berthing with longer accommodation. The main port of Miami, one of the largest ports for cruise ships in the world, is located on the Dodge island.



     There are many places to visit when traveling on a yacht in the Bay:


     1. Sandbar in Biscayne Bay is a great place for casual or fun time in the company of friends, whether kayaking or relaxing swimming with refreshing drinks.


     2. If you have a few days to relax on the boat, you should certainly sail to Bimini Islands, located two hours away from Miami. There are great dive sites here. The most famous spot is the ship Sapona sunken at the beginning of the XX century. Over the past 100 years, the Islands have become a fishing spot where you can make a good catch in the open seas.


     3. Gastronomic tour. Miami cuisine is called "Florribean" because it combines the culinary traditions of Florida and the Caribbean. You can taste it in restaurants and cafes located along the coastline (for example, The Rusty Pelican). They are often equipped with private marinas. It is very convenient - you can step onto the food court from board.


     4. Sailing along Downtown, wide beaches of Miami and Star island. Star island is a popular residence for celebrities. Each luxury mansion has its own pier.


     5.  Matheson Hammock is both park and beach that has been functioning for almost 90 years. This is a popular place for surfers and water sports lovers. It is equipped with marina for yachts and boats.  


     6.  Further in the Atlantic ocean, close to Key West (island of Miami) extends a 200km chain of coral reefs and islands. One of them is The Florida West archipelago. The main attraction is the Ernest Hemingway Museum.  Yachtsmen often moor in a quiet bay, where they can shelter from the noisy resorts of the coast.


     7. Another popular long-distance route is Miami-Cuba  direction. Of course, your vessel must be licensed for entering Cuban waters.


      You can rent a yacht in Miami on You will find a wide range of boats at competitive prices here. We recommend you to book yacht tours in Miami in advance for thorough preparation of your trip.