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Miami is literally the main American resort. Like in many coastal cities of the USA, here there are lots of opportunities of active entertainment and leisure time.


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But so popular Miami became due to its mild and warm climate. The most famous neighborhoods in Miami, Miami Beach and South Beach, are familiar to many fans of beach resorts throughout the world. Miami welcomes lovers of modern pastime activities who want not only get a tan on the golden Miami beaches, but also have a walk around this beautiful city.


"Beautiful Marina Views"


Miami is the third skyscraper city in the US. Miami is the city where films and music videos are made. The coast is full of luxurious villas of celebrities, among them are villas of Anna Kurnikova, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez. The island of billionaires is the second name of Miami.


"Luxury Living"


Summer in Miami lasts all the year around and the weather is always warm. This climate peculiarity is connected with Gulf Stream, which flows close to the coast. Anyway, there are some disadvantages: from July to September storms and hurricanes can happen here. That’s why the best time to visit Miami is winter.


"City Shopping Streets"


It goes without saying that nights here are not less bright than days. Miami is famous for its night clubs, restaurants and pubs. On Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road there are lots of them. Amnesia, LIV, Cameo are the most popular among them.


"Long Miami Coasts"


One more way to perfectly spend your free time is to go to one of the best conservation parks. Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, and Lion Country are the biggest among them, and also water parks Coral Reef Park, Dolphin and Shark Show. By the way, sharks are here not like guests, they inhabit the coastal waters of Miami. Anyway, don’t worry. The USA pay much attention to safety, so tourists are out of risk.


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This resort is one of the best. It will leave nobody cold.