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Mexico is not only about its historical heritage and attractions such as Chichen Itza, Copper canyon or Teotihuacan. Mexico also has white beaches and a great region for yachting. The country is bordered on the East by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea, and on the West by the Pacific ocean. Both waters are worth the attention of an avid traveler, so we recommend that you choose which region you will start exploring and book a boat in Mexico.

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At the resorts, tourists are waiting for a completely different vacation. It all depends on what you are looking for: do you want to spend time enjoying a beach holiday under a palm tree, or are you ready to plunge into the night life? Maybe you came here to conquer the waves on a secluded surfer beach, or combine it all in one and get a lifetime of memories? Catamaran rental in Mexico to relax on the best beaches of the East coast of Mexico. You can choose a Parking spot on any of the many beaches:


1. Cancun. This is the most popular resort In Mexico. Not only locals come here, but also Americans, and even Europeans are ready to fly over the ocean for the sake of soft sand and blue waves.


2. Playa del Carmen. The shoreline of the resort stretches for 100 km. Here there is a place for everyone.

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3. Acapulco. The city is located on the Western side of the land, which is washed by the Pacific ocean. Life is " celebrated” here all year round: fun parties and game clubs will help brighten up the evening.


4. The Harbor at Los Cabos. The place attracts tourists who prefer luxury holidays in luxury hotels without a large crowd of tourists. A serene pastime is provided for you here.


5. Sayulita. You can actively spend part of your vacation here. The resort attracts young people from all over the world. By the way, there are many schools on the coast where you can learn to stand on a blackboard.

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To feel the atmosphere, you need to visit all corners of the country. Book a yacht rental in Mexico and go out to sea to get to know the country the way the locals used to look at it.