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Marmaris is a popular Turkish resort on the Aegean coast. The city is famous for its active nightlife, music festivals, and concerts. Marmaris is located in a valley between the mountains. It is an ideal place for sailing and diving. On the coast, there are more than a dozen schools where you can learn to surf or drive a jet ski. If you want to add something new to your usual vacation, we recommend renting a yacht in Marmaris. Make an individual route and go on an amazing journey. You will be able to meet the dawn on the stern of the ship, breathe the fresh sea air. The yacht season starts in early May and lasts until mid-October. The air is up to +28 °C. 

Beach holidays are a favorite pastime of locals and tourists. The main recreation area is the city beach in the center of Marmaris. From the infrastructure, there are cafes and bars, and 5-10 kilometers are hotels and spa centers. If you want quiet, go to the village of Icmeler, 8 kilometers from which is the eponymous beach with a gentle entrance and warm water. There are water slides and playgrounds on-site. In 20 kilometers from Marmaris in the woods and near the small bays hid the wild beach of Armutalan. 



Few of the travelers know about it, so most of the tourists are local. To diversify a typical holiday in Turkey, go on a yacht tour of the waters of Marmaris. You will be able to make your itinerary of sea travel or get to other popular destinations:


1. Rhodes. It is the largest Greek island, where you can stroll through the medieval town of Lindos, visit the Palace of the Grand Masters and swim in the butterfly Valley in its small streams.

2. Fethiye. Cozy resort in the West of the Turquoise coast of Turkey. Relax on the beach of Calis, learning new sports, diving or kayaking.

3. Oludeniz.  The Quiet and small village where locals like to come. We recommend you to visit the Blue lagoon to enjoy the surrounding nature and relax on the beach Belcekiz.



4. Symi. This is a Greek sparsely populated island, where the eponymous national Park. Graphite rocks descend to the turquoise sea, sandy beaches are surrounded by emerald cypresses. It is worth coming here to hear the silence, slow down and enjoy the Mediterranean for a long time.

5. Bodrum. Visit St. Peter's castle, take a stroll along the Bodrum waterfront or take a small boat trip to the healing springs of the nearby Black Island.


We recommend visiting the Bay of Marmaris, the area of which is 366 km2. Islands close it from strong winds and high waves. The coastline stretches for 34 kilometers. Here you can often see how beginners learn to control the steering boats and ships. If you also want to learn these skills, you can use the yacht rental in Marmaris. It's a great way to spend time. 

In Marmaris is the port of Netsel Marina, the largest in the country. Cruise boats and merchant ships depart from here. Every day you can see dozens of ships leave the port and go to the open sea. 

In Marmaris annually come yachtsmen not only Turkey but also Italy, Spain, and Greece on the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show, which takes place in early May.

Charter yachts and boats in Marmaris is the opportunity to please yourself and your loved ones. Head towards the wind and the sea, feel the waves beating against the side of the ship and go forward to see the stunningly beautiful Islands.