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The true pearl of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is the most popular European holiday destination due to the beauty of its cliffed coasts, sapphire seas, small bays and coves in the east, astonishing white beaches in the south and breezes that carry kite-surfers, windsurfers and sailors across turquoise waters.



"Map of main sailing routes around Mallorca"         

Unforgettable sunsets, majestic mountains and remote towns, the lash of the waves on the rocks and songs of cicadas in the pines make this island a perfect destination!



The weather in Mallorca, epitomises the Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, windy winters. 

Sun-seekers hit the beaches from May through to October and the sea is perfect for swimming from June to October.

July and August can be scorching and overcrowded, but the Mallorcan coastline can often escape the worst of the summer heat by virtue of the cooling sea breezes. 

Mallorca enjoys a milder winter climate relative to those further north, and is thus seen as a perfect destination for those seeking a winter-break.



Wherever your journey takes you, Mallorca never fails to seduce.

Hilltop monasteries and small villages, unforgettable view of the Cap de Formentora, old wineries in the heart of the island – the largest island of the Baleares offers you to enjoy both its coastline and the interior. 

Moreover, this destiniation allows you to enjoy various water sports including the most popular ones: scuba diving, Jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and many others!

Palma de Mallorca itself, the Balearics’ largest city, is an astonishing historic place whose narrow streets, old villas and mansions and magnificent Gothic cathedral defy the expectations of many visitors.

The northwest coast of the island strikes the imagination with cove beaches, monasteries at Valldemossa and Lluc, and peaks of Sierra de Tramuntana. 



The sheltered bays, dramatic coastlines of the West, and the tranquil calas and coves of the East make Mallorca a beautiful spot to spend time on a boat in the Mediterranean sea. The natural nooks and crannies around the coastline of Mallorca are ideal places for dropping anchor in the calm waters of bays and calas dotted around the island. The position of the Balearic islands is such that they create a ‘Mediterranean front’ and so local winds are very favourable for sailing.