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     Italy is situated on the Italian Peninsula and occupies the Padan Plain, Sicily, Sardinia, and part of the Alps. This country is one of the leading yacht manufacturers, so sea vacations are extremely popular here.


     The peak season starts in May or in June when the temperatures rise to +24 °C. The winters are mild; temperatures in December don’t go below +10 °C. Travelers come to Italy to catch the Renaissance spirit, to visit the famous sights, and to try the best meals.


     Yacht and bareboat charters in Italy offer unique travelling opportunities. Plan your own trip and see the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. As there are practically no storms in Italy, the weather is lovely all the time. Yachting in the Mediterranean Sea is very popular among tourists, because you can see several Italian regions during one cruise. Stop at cozy harbors and walk the coastline. If you rent a yacht in Italy, you will grant yourself an amazing adventure. Enjoy the sun on boats or swim in open sea and then see the ancient ruins.



     There are more than nine large port cities in Italy: Genoa, Catania, Livorno, Naples, Cagliari, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia, Palermo, Ravenna, and Salerno — these are important tourist and trade centers.


     If you want to do a yacht tour in Italy, you should certainly visit the following places:


    1. Southern Italy. Naples, Capri, Amalfi Coast… Santa Chiara and Certosa di San Martino monasteries, quiet fishing districts, and thermal baths in Negombo Thermal Park on Ischia Island.


     2. Venice, especially popular among yachtsmen. Instead of highways — channels, instead of cars — boats and yachts. Sail the old streets and see the city from another angle.


     3. Tuscan Archipelago. Visit Elba, Isola del Giglio, or Montecristo — the coastline reminds of Medieval Italy.


    4. Sardinia & Sicily. Breath-taking nature, ancient landmarks, sandy beaches, and mountainous landscapes. Don’t forget to try local cuisine — it is different in every region.


     5. Pontine Islands. 50 kilometers from Rome — several small islands, the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea. Walk the black sand beaches and have a nice dinner in one of the cozy local restaurants. They serve only fresh seafood.


     Large yacht exhibitions are held in Italy annually. In April, for instance, Carrara hosts the Seatec Boat Show dedicated to technology and design of boats. In May, Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous presents its newest yachts in Viareggio. Genoa International Boat Show opens every autumn, and usually more than 350 thousand visitors arrive at the event. If you plan to rent yachts in September, don’t miss this grand boat show.