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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, which arose in the VII century BC, on the coast of the Bosphorus. The cultural center of the country attracts travelers not only with its ancient sights and Oriental flavor, but also with the developed sea tourism. Luxurious sandy beaches attract travelers from all over the world, because the season never ends here.



The climate is temperate and continental. The maximum temperature reaches +29 °C and the minimum drops to +5 °C.

Yacht rental in Istanbul is another way to have fun and exciting time. After relaxing on the beach, take the energy of the sea, learn new sports and get a vivid impression.


Embark on a yacht tour in Istanbul to diversify your holiday:


1. Kusadasi. Popular Turkish resort on the Aegean sea. From here you can take a walk or a boat trip to the ancient city of Ephesus, go fishing and see the sunrise on the yacht.

2. Crete. The largest Greek island, where you can sink to the bottom, studying the local flora and fauna, participate in the regatta and visit mount Dikti, where Zeus was born.

3. Lesbos. Another archipelago of Greece. People come here to visit the territory of the Bird reserve, where there are more than 270 species, walk through the ancient city of Mytilene and the ruins of the ancient theater of the IV century.

4. Burgas. Small and very cozy island in Turkey. This is a non-touristic place where locals relax. It is here that you can get better acquainted with the culture and customs of the Turks. We recommend you to go on a tour to the Holy source of Ayazma and the closed monastery of Jesus Christ.

5. Marmara Adası. An island in the Western part of Turkey, surrounded by the sea of Marmara. People come here to relax on the City beach and try the local seafood.



6. Prens Adaları. The yacht can take you to the archipelago and admire the stunning scenery of wildlife. The sea is clear and clean, and the territory is prohibited any form of transport, except bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. You can learn parasailing and ride a jet ski. If there is no experience professional instructors will help and tell you what to do.

7. Beaches. Guests of Istanbul can visit the coast of two seas, the Marble and the Black. The most popular beaches are located in Kadıköy and Gameboston. The entrance to the water is flat, strong waves almost never happen. More secluded is the beach of Fenerbahce Lagoon, and the most popular recreation area Floria is located in the European part of the coast of the Marmara sea. Water equipment rentals and cafes can be found on the sandy beach. On the black sea coast often visit the beaches of Agva and Schiele. It is an ideal place for active pastime. You will learn diving and surfing, try parasailing and ride jet skis.

Charter yachts and boats in Istanbul will allow you to realize your dreams of sea travel. Spread the sails and go on a cruise. Catch the wind and feel the speed, cutting through the waves. Experience new emotions while sailing in the open sea or driving a yacht under the guidance of an experienced captain.