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Hardanger and the Islands Norway


Yachting in Norway for only 950 euros per week! There is only 4 places left!


Norway is like a dream that you want to become your reality! After visiting Norway you start to understand what you really want. 

The best time for yachting in Norway is August and the journey will start in Oslo.

This city is an amazing place, like everything we will show you.


The offer is unique because of it’s price and conditions: we will sail by a CATAMARAN for 6 people. The price is the lowest in the market.



✔ ROUTE (week):

18-25 AUGUST 2018.



Day 1:

Arrival to Oslo, get to the marina, take a boat, do groceries.

The stroll around Oslo is a must: it’s a beautiful city full of museums and a historical monuments, there is a lot of good restaurants, live music, concerts. 




Day 2:

Sailing to fairy tale to Drebak. Drebak is a Norwegian analogue of Great Ustyug and Lapland.

Santa Claus “was born here” and you can send him a letter by the post.

On the way to Drebak we will fishing. 




Day 3: 

We go to the islands or as they are called skerries near the Commune Netterey .

This day will be devoted to fishing, walking around the island and seclusion with nature.

We will fish every day. The boat has everything you need for cooking fish in different types. 




Day 4:

The next stop is Fredrikstad .

A fascinating stroll around the historical center will open you the unique architecture of the 18th-19th centuries buildings located on the Royal Square.

There are many restaurants and cafes, an antique shop, and a real flea market is on every Saturday. 





Day 5:

We go to the legendary sunny archipelago of Valera to look at its islands and skerries in a variety of sizes and shapes that are scattered all over the coast of Fredrikstad.

The art lovers will find events that take a place in this area. 




Day 6:

We start our way to the opposite direction away Oslo.  Stop nearby Tonsberg for Fishing and strolling.




Day 7:

Go back to the home marina, to the capital. We have time to admire Oslo.




Day 8:

We leave the boat in the morning. Departure home. 


* the itinerary may vary due to weather conditions 






The highest daily temperature in August 2017 was 20 ° C.

While the minimum temperature dropped to 12 ° C at night.

The average day and night temperatures is about 16.4 ° C and 13.6 ° C in August.





▹ modern catamaran with all conveniences; 
▹ training in a catamaran sailing; 
▹ visiting amazing places;
▹ winding Hardanger- fjord and the beautiful islands; 
▹ delicious royal crabs, salmon, cod, shrimp and other seafood in Bergen; 
▹ local flavor; 
▹ good company; 
▹ a sense of freedom given by yachts, sails and the sea; 
▹ FISHING and delicious foods (natural);  
▹ bright impressions;
▹ interesting acquaintances;
▹ photo; 
▹ video.  





Catamaran Lagoon (Lagoon 410 S2) for 6 people 



YACHT / 1 place on a yacht (in DBL cabin) -  950 euro /week/person

We have the best price for a place on a boat in this expensive country.





✔ What's included in the price: 

• 1 PLACE (in a DBL cabin); 
• TEAM T-SHIRT OR a hoody as a gift; 






1) Get you air tickets yourself! 
The nearest airport is Bergen.

2) TRANSFER to the marina and back starts from 7 to 50 euros per person, depending on the type of transport (7-tram (metro), 11-bus (easiest), 50-taxi) 

3) SHIPBOARD CASES ≈ 250-300 Euro per week. 
this amount includes groceries for 7 days (menu for food and alcohol, you make up yourself with the team) fuel, mooring in marinas, bed linen. 

4) INSURANCE DEPOSIT - the amount of money that we divide between ALL the team and give to the charter company as a deposit: 250-300 euros (nonrefundable) or 2500-3000 euros (refundable). 
* We do cleaning ourselves.