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Greece is one of the most popular countries for yachting. Travelers are attracted by the country's rich historical and cultural heritage and mild Mediterranean climate. If you want to visit several Greek Islands, we recommend that you rent a yacht in Greece with the captain.

Yacht charter in Greece

It is best to come to the state of the four seas from may to October, although it is not cold here, but the sea warms up better during this period. Take care of renting a sailing yacht in Greece, so as not to depend on hotels and transport. This trip will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. You can make your own sailing route, depending on the selected port of departure, or use a ready-made route with interesting locations:


1. Melos. The island will appeal to you with its unique views. Go to the Northern beach of Sarakiniko with snow-white rocky shores. Locals call this landscape “lunar”.


2. Crete. Then sail to the largest island in the archipelago. Be sure to visit the city of Chania. The scenery here also deserves a memorable photo: the stone houses of the embankment flaunt against the backdrop of one of the highest mountains in Greece — IDA.


3. Santorini. When we imagine Greece, after the ancient temples and marble sculptures, we think of low houses with bright blue roofs. Such traditional buildings are found only in Santorini.


4. Karpathos. Go to Tristomo Bay: there are not many tourists here, and you can spend some of your vacation in privacy. The gentle slopes of the hills descend directly to the sea and make up a picturesque view.


5. Mykonos. Finish your cruise in an unusual place and visit the city of Mykonos, also known as Chora. This resort attracts representatives of the secular world, so the service in local institutions is at the highest level. In Mykonos, the most colorful parties are held and famous DJs play. If you decide not to go on land, then look at the island from the side of a comfortable yacht.

Yacht rental in Greece

The route we have drawn up runs through the Aegean sea, and winds are quite rare in this area. If you decide to stay on vacation, don't forget to extend your catamaran rental in Greece: we recommend you to go to equally beautiful resorts in the Ionian sea. Visit the Islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Corfu, which are considered one of the best places to stay.

The Greeks themselves call their country Hellas and are proud of its history. At every step you can find some kind of attraction: ruins of temples, fragments of columns and statues. Greece is like an open-air Museum. When you have had enough of exploring the archaeological sites of the continental part, rent a yacht in Greece and travel around the archipelago where the country is located.