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Fethiye is a popular Turkish resort on the Mediterranean and Aegean coast. From a bird's-eye view, Fethiye looks like a picture from a postcard: a long strip of beaches, emerald lagoons and white yachts moored along them. Renting a yacht in Fethiye, you can go to the Turtle island, inhabited by ancient reptiles.



The tourist season lasts from May to the end of October. Although the climate allows you to relax in Fethiye all year. In spring the temperature reaches +25 °C, in summer is up to +35 °C, and in autumn and winter the air warms up to +15 °C. 


From the city of Fethiye harbour of the ship every day go on a cruise. Tourist and excursion flights arrive here. We recommend you to visit the following places on the yacht tour of Fethiye:


1. Skopea Limani Lagoon. It is surrounded by high hills with coniferous forests, and near the shore you can often see flocks of dolphins. It is believed that this is one of the most ecologically clean areas in the country.

2. Serce Limani. There are often arranged competitions in water skiing and regattas. Tourists can enjoy the sea views and visit the famous farm restaurant Nemo, which serves traditional dishes, as well as daily tastings of fresh seafood.

3. Knidos. The ancient city, owned by the Athenians, was once the cultural and tourist capital of the Turkish coast. Now it is an archaeological Park in the open air, where the ruins of the amphitheater and fragments of the temples of the Greek gods.

4. Bodrum. It used to be the city of Halicarnassus, the capital of ancient Caria. On the territory there are many ancient sighnseeings. For example, the castle of St. Peter, the amphitheater of the IV century BC or Mindos gate.

5. Marmaris. This is a popular resort and a favorite place to relax on the Turkish Riviera. There are many cafes and bars on the pebbly coast. Visit the ancient fortress of Suleiman the Magnificent or the castle of Calais of the XI century. Spend time on the cleanest beach of Icmeler.



Always wanted to go diving, surfing or go water skiing, but doubted? Then we recommend to book an individual lesson in Lykia World Diving Centre. It is considered to be one of the best schools in Turkey. 

Although Fethiye is a seaside town, there are no beaches within walking distance. The nearest recreation area is 15 minutes away by car or public transport. We recommend you to visit the pebbly-sandy beach of Chalysh, where there is a rental of sun loungers, umbrellas, water skis and more. In 16 kilometers from Fethiye the village of Oludeniz is. There is a small beach Blue lagoon near, not inferior in its beauty to the best resorts in the world. In 10 minutes walk from it you can walk to the beach Belcekiz, where you can catch a boat to Butterfly Valley. If you don’t want to sail in not the most comfortable conditions and among the many people, use the yacht rental in Fethiye. So you will visit your own sea journey, and at the same time relax on the nearby beaches of Kidrak and Patara.

Charter yachts and boats in Fethiye is the opportunity to meet the dawn in the open sea, have breakfast freshly prepared marine products and sunbathe on the bow, admiring the white sails.

Add new bright colors to your usual life, travel and discover this wonderful world.