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Fantastic Azore Islands September


What is waiting for us during our journey?



We head to a place that combines green hills and mountains, wild verses of the ocean, the bright colors of port towns, panoramic views, open from the rocky trails.

The Azores are literally the former volcanoes rising from the ocean.

You will lose the understanding that you are in European civilization.

Its absolutely wild around you, its a small piece of original Portugal in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a real magnet for those who crave to snatch the most juicy piece of impressions in their lives. 




Do you enjoy lazily strolls around the islands, looking at the surrounding beauty. Yes, you will have time for this, but most of the trip will be very active.

We will arrange tracking along the most beautiful mountain.

Watch out to keep the balance while observing the panoramic ocean view or mountain heights.

We will conquer one of them - the highest point of Portugal - the peak of the active stratovolcano Pico. Let's walk among the clouds!

To discover your abilities that you maybe didn’t know about we go canyoning.

And sailing the yacht across the Atlantic ocean we'll look at whales. 




island Sao Miguel - island Terceira - island Graciosa - island Sao Jorge - island Faial (Horta) - island Pico - island Terceira - island Sao Miguel 




 As soon as all team members are together in Lisbon the airplane will take us to one of the Azores Islands - Sao Miguel. We accommodate on the yacht, do groceries. 




Wake up to have a have breakfast. Let's go to an island of Terceira, that is the third largest square in the Azores. Today we are sailing to observe natural sights. 
We will have lunch on the yacht board to enjoy the food and the views. We moor the yacht off the coast of Terceira and go to explore the island. We will get down the volcano to a complex of caves with underground grottos and a lake. 




Today we go for a walk among another one pearl of the Terceira island - the city of Angra do Heroismo, that is a UNESCO heritage. When viewed from the air, it will appear to you completely orange because of the bright tiled roofs. The city is surrounded by the green mountains. Its going to be an evening walk among all the splendor, so you feel the pleasure through the body: evening lights, the scents of the streets, the sound of the ocean. 




Lunch and sail away. The yacht carries us to a small island with a graceful name, which sounds so - Graciosa. Until the 18th century, pirates regularly attacked this patch of the land, where earthquakes and droughts took a place as well. Now everything looks different: piracy is no longer popular, the climate has improved, and Graciosa is called an "island of serenity". There is a carpet of greenery extends all over the surface, low hills and craters of volcanoes. A place to admire, imprinting views on the camera! 
After a busy day, we have lunch and dinner on the board, and walk through the evening town of Praia. 




Grace. Refresh yourself there is a tracking ahead. We dock to the island to start. Today you will see round green hills with windmills and panoramas of the timeless streets. Its a natural wonders according to the plan today: a sulfur cave in the crater of an extinct mountain with an underground lake and a spectacular caldera of another "former" volcano. 







We sail to the island of San Jorge. We will berth there by the evening to spend the night in the Velas marina.




 Meet a fantastic beautiful island! We arrange a tracking here along the scenic routes: from Serra do Topo - Caldeira do Santo Cristo – Fajã dos Cubres. There is a riot of colors, crystal lagoons, rocks and flowering fertile lands, where local people grow vegetables, fruits and coffee. For dinner - bivalves and other seafood in the Calheta city. 




Today it an awesome canyoning awaits us among the boiling waterfalls, caves and grottos! Everything is as safe as possible, but it's fun, loud and wet. After canyoning we load on the yacht, to have a rest. In the evening we walk along the cozy village of Velas. 




 Sailing to the Faial Island that called the "blue island", because it is littered with hydrangeas, more than anywhere else. The hills, roads, and even the houses are framed with lush bushes. 




We spend the day on the island of Faial. Faial is a must stop for sailors all over the world when they cross the Atlantic. Here is the famous marina of Orta, where you can see yachts from around the world, as evidenced by the flags of different countries. This busy place is also an exhibition under the sky! Do not forget to look under your feet, the pictures are painted right on the ground. They are painted by sailors from all over the world. 




The wake up, having a breakfast, and the yacht is taking us to Pico Island, where we will stay for 2 days. There is a high mountain you will see from the yacht, yes, we will definitely go up there, to the very top, right after the lunch. 

Today according to plan we will look for a places of whales’ migration. These huge whales are actually afraid of human, but we will come with good intentions. After we have dinner on the yacht. 





Today we will walk along Lajes do Pico streets - a city of hereditary whalers. Here is the medieval fort of Santa Catarina and the Church of the Immaculate Conception preserved.  





We return to Terceira and rest, tomorrow we have another long passage and our favorite whales.  




Go to the marina on the island of San Miguel to sightseeing.




We wake up early to have a breakfast on the yacht without haste. We are taking the boat back to the harbor, saying goodbye to stay in touch. Bye - bye, Azores, we will definitely come back! 
Transfer to the airport, flight to Lisbon and departure home. 
And for those who decided to extend their vacation – there is a few more unforgettable days in the capital of Portugal waiting! 

START / FINISH - island Sao Miguel 
* The route may vary due to weather conditions. 






▹ Sailing yacht;  
▹ volcanoes; 
▹ diving for those who wish; 
▹ thermal springs;
▹ Tracking; 
▹ whales and dolphins; 
▹ fishing;
▹ escape from the bulls; 
▹ new friends; 
▹ collection team T-shirt; 
▹ Storm of emotions and delight from what he saw! 


Join us,  
This is an impression and a memory for the whole LIFE! 



- Bavaria Cruiser 46 (8 person ) 



14 days YACHT / 1 place on a yacht (in a 2-person cabin) - 2000 euros for 2 weeks 




✔ What's included in the price: 

• 1 PLACE (in a DBL cabin); 
• TEAM T-SHIRT OR a hoody 




✔ You get air tickets yourself! (Lisbon-San Miguel) 




✔ TRANSFER from the airport to the marina;
✔ SHIPBUILDING CASH ≈ 300 euros for 2 weeks;
this amount includes groceries for 14 days (menu for food and alcohol you make up yourself with the team), fuel, mooring in marinas, bed linen, cleaning, outboard motor to the boat;
✔ INSURANCE DEPOSIT - the amount of money that we divide between ALL team members and give the charter company: EUR 250-300 (nonrefundable) or EUR 2500-3000 (refundable). 





+22 In the afternoon, +17 Night, +20 Water