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EXOTIC OF THAILAND 27.10.2018 - 03.11.2018



27.10.2018 - 03.11.2018

€ 1500 


Hong Island - James Bond Island - Krabi Archipelago - Laem Nang - Phi-Phi Don Island  




• Yacht charter (place in a double cabin) 
• Parking in the marina 
•тWater and fuel 
• Final cleaning of the yacht 
• Bed linen 
• Captain's services 



• Flight 
• Visa to Thailand (done locally) 
• Insurance 
• Purchase of food on a yacht 
• Refundable insurance deposit 




Thailand is a place with an unusual culture. Where else will you find a mix of beautiful beaches and temples, exotic fruits, fine local cuisine and the beautiful nature? 


Our first stop is the island of Hong - an island with unusual grots. We will have the opportunity to touch the mysteries of winding caves, we will get there by canoe. 
Not to wade through caves in the darkness, listening to the rustle of bats’ wings, we'll light up lanterns.

We will get to the inner lake, surrounded by the cliffs with dense green vegetation, lianas and mangroves from all sides.

By the way, having met monkeys there, you can take pictures with them. 
We recommend not to leave your bags open, or the local king- kongs will snatch a souvenir out of there. 




James Bond Island is a local sight.

The movie about the most famous spy was filmed here.

If desired we can look at the residence of Agent 007. 
After we go to explore other islands. 


The archipelago of CRABI! 
Krabi Province is blessed by the presence of no less than 154 islands in the waters off its coast, from inaccessible small pieces of rocks offering excellent snorkelling opportunities, to larger inhabited pieces of land offering ‘get away from it all’ vacations.

 Go ahead, don’t shy
1,5 day we plan to stay on Laem Nang beach.

There are a lot of entertainments waiting for us for every taste: restaurants, massage, Thai boxing or fire show. 
Our morning will start with the footpath to the beach of the Princess's Lake with a guide. 


On the way to the Phi Phi Don Island we will see many sandy beaches with clear water so good for snorkeling. It's not about the stars that are above us, but about the rarest blue stars in the sea that you can swim with. 
 It a fresh food market takes a place here.





There are plenty tourists in the Ko Hai Noi and Ko Hai Nok Islands, same as the amount of beautiful white sand beaches.

Here we can recommend you to try a sea delicacies: to get some grilled prawns or lobsters and enjoy the food right on the sand, enjoying the views and the atmosphere. 


We advise you, enjoying the Thai colorful life, you must swim at night, when the water, brightly lit by plankton, creates a sensation of the starry sky. 
Let’s tTake the opportunity together to discover exotic Thailand. After all, as the Thai sages say: "Opportunity rarely comes twice." 

Welcome on board!