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Dominican Republic

     Located in the Caribbean region, the Dominican Republic occupies the Eastern part of Haiti. With its sandy beaches and tropical forests, it is a true heaven on Earth and at the same time one of the most popular destinations for yachting. The climate here is tropical which means that the wet season with its incessant rains occurs between May and September; therefore, it is wiser to rent a yacht in winter.


     On a yacht, tourists may stop at any port of the Dominican Republic to visit its cities and islands, to learn about the culture of the country, to watch dolphins, and to enjoy the dawns and sunsets.


     Cruises may start from five largest ports of the country. There are two terminals in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic: San Souci and Don Diego. Both are within a short drive from major landmarks of the capital. To the southeast of the island, there are La Romana and Punta Cana Ports well-known for its luxurious beaches. To the north, there is a Port of Puerto Plata; the fifth port is located on Samaná Peninsula.




     If  you decide to travel in the Dominican Republic on a yacht, do not forget to include the following must-sees in your to-do list:


     1. Santo Domingo. If you haven’t seen the Columbus Lighthouse or enjoyed colonial architecture of the capital yet, take at least a day to admire the city.


     2. Catalina Island. It is a spectacular destination for snorkeling and diving. Not only is the sea life diverse here but also there is a famous Cara Merchant vessel which sunk in 1699. Tours to the bottom are available on one condition: a local instructor should accompany each group.


     3. Puerto Plata. At the sunset, as the sun disappears over the horizon, the shore glows with silver color — that explains the name of the place, Puerto Plata, or a “Silver shore.” Wild beaches are valued by many tourists on yachts.


     4. Samaná Peninsula. Silver and Navidad Bank Sanctuary with astonishing sea life is the main attraction of the area. In march, the mating season of whales begins, and tourists on yachts may watch these majestic mammals — they are usually very calm, so there is nothing to fear.


     5. Punta Cana and La Romana. Luxurious restaurants, fancy nightclubs, exciting casinos—the beau monde life awaits those who seek it.

     There is much more to be discovered in the Dominican Republic. For example, regattas, parades, and other events somehow linked to yachting are usually held in San Andrés Bay. The area near Haiti is a very interesting diving destination. Padre Nuestro Caves are worth seeing as well. Fishing is a great occupation during a trip between Catalina and Saona Islands—especially since there is always a chef on a yacht who would gladly cook some fresh fish for dinner. Simply relaxing on board is a great option, too.


     Many tourists rent yachts when they travel to the Dominican Republic — this is quite entertaining. We could make this experience even better. We will provide basically anything you might need — from fishing and diving equipment to water scooters. Give us the details upon submitting your order, and we will do our best.