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Cuba! Caribbean exotic 16.02.2019 - 23.02.2019

FEB 16, 2019 - FEB 23, 2019 


€ 1450 
free places 
What will the tour include? 

•Caribbean Islands; 
•Yachting by the most beautiful sea; 
•Exotic island Cayo - Largo; 
•Coral reefs; 
•Cigar Festival. 

Cuba is a country of romance. The island of freedom and Che Guevara, fiery Cuban dances, rum and Havana cigars, pirates of the Caribbean—that’s what we think of when we hear the word “Cuba”.  And even more, it’s also its snow-white beaches, countless islets, untouched nature, iguanas and flamingoes. Cuba in February is the right time to soak up some sunlight... 




On Thursday, we fly to Havana, where we spend time until Saturday morning. 
On Saturday, we transfer to Cienfuegos and take a yacht. 
From Cienfuegos we go to the islands of Cayo Dios, and to the island of Cayo Sal.
Our main base is the marina in Cayo Largo, from where we do day or two daytrips to coral reefs, beaches, Cayo Iguana islands, Cayo Rico, and Cayo Rosario . 


- renting a catamaran (one place in a double cabin); 
- Captain's services; 
- port charges, fuel; 
- tourist fee.


- airplane tickets (~1100 euros);
- visa; 
- customs duty - 20 euros; 
- groceries and food on the yacht - 150 euros; 
- eating in restaurants; 
- Transfer to the airport in Havana; 
- transfer to the accommodation (Casa Particular) in Havana and Cienfuegos. 

The yacht - Catamaran LAGOON 450 
When you fly that far, you do not want to limit yourself to yachting only. That’s why we arrive a little beforehand and visit Havana’s tourist attractions for a couple of days.

This is where you can feel the real exotic Cuba that has preserved its identity and culture.

Vintage cars in Havana are a family heritage passed from grandfather to father and from father to son.

They can have Chinese audio systems, but the whole car’s body will be polished to perfection! 
In the evenings, the bars are filled with fiery Latina music that makes local dancers move with such grace and plasticity that it seems like they learned how to dance before they learned how to walk. 


For those who crave the night life there will be clubs and discos. For those who want to enjoy history, it’s better to enjoy it with Daiquiri, Hemingway's favorite cocktail, in the Florentina bar, where he was a regular. 
We will stop at Casa Particular. Casa Particular are private apartments most often situated in old colonial-style houses that are filled with family portraits, where the living room on the first floor can turn out to be a garage for an old car, and where the ceilings are 4-5 meters high, furniture is antique and owners will happily tell you about the peculiarities of local life. 

We take the catamaran to Cienfuego, which is on the southern coast of Cuba. On Saturday morning, we take the car and come to the marina. Somewhere along the way we do grocery shopping.

We purchase a little more than we need. In Cuba, empty shelves in stores aren’t a rare occasion. And, strangely enough, vegetables are in short supply.

By the way, last time we exchanged vegetable preserves for huge lobsters with a great profit. 
Cienfuego marina is beautiful. The reception, the waiting room—everything is comfy, and the yacht masts view from the window looks like a painting.



During our trip, there will be only two long transfers: from Cienfuegos to the Cayo Largo islands and back. 
All of this—on a comfortable catamaran with hot water supply, full kitchen and spacious cabins. 
The first stop is the island of Cayo Sal.

There is a lake on the island, a shallow bay, covered with pieces of huge shells. Here we warm up, relax for a bit, and then move forward, to Cayo Largo! 
Cayo Largo is our journey’s main "base". There is a marina, restaurants, a dolphinarium is really close, as well as beaches and coral reefs.

The tour program is as follows: we spend the nights mainly in Cayo Largo, and in the day we go fishing along the reef, dive with a mask and watch beautiful fish around the corals, go to Cayo Rosario for lobsters with an overnight stay, or to the island of Cayo Rico to get meet iguanas. 


On the island of Cayo Largo, there is a dolphinarium in the bay. 

We will tell you about the restaurant in the marina of Kai Largo separately. In any marina, including the Mediterranean, there are often large fish swimming and it is prohibited to catch them. In Cuba, these are huge fish about a meter long, or even more. The water is illuminated, and it feels like you look at a fish tank. 
Well, we went there with our barracuda and asked to cook it for us. 
By the way, about fishing: we rent fishing gear for our trip. Local waters are rich in tuna and barracudas. Freshly caught barracuda steaks — such a treat! Last time we caught three barracudas and one tuna. Let's not stop! 
The coasts of the Cuban islands are delightfully isolated and untouched: you can easily find a place for a picnic and firewood. As my friend said: "I have a déjà vu: it’s almost like on the Desna river, but instead of a kebab there’s lobsters, instead of a dog that runs around the fire there’s iguana trying to steal food, instead of a river there’s the sea with huge starfish, and instead of a motor-boat the catamaran is near at anchor!”
And, of course, there are coral reefs.

We will stop lots of times to look at them. The most transparent water I've ever seen in my life was in Cuba and in Greece. The most beautiful corals are in Cuba and in the Red Sea.



Take your underwater cameras with you, boxes and always swim in a long-sleeved T-shirt. 
And we will look at the stars, dance salsa, meet the locals and organize photo sessions! 
Join our crew!