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Crete is considered to be the largest island of Greece and one of the most popular resorts among travelers. People come here to relax on the best sandy beaches of the country, visit the ancient sights and go on a cruise. On the South side the island washed by three seas: Aegean, Ionian and Libyan. You can rent a yacht in Crete and go on a trip on your individual route, discovering the Mediterranean coast.



It is the cultural and tourist center of the country. If you believe the myths and egends, it is the birthplace of Zeus, God of sky, thunder and lightning. Also the Minoan civilization was born here. Archaeologists are still engaged in excavations and find amazing fragments of palaces, temples and Acropolis.

The climate in Crete is mild subtropical with moderate humidity. Sunny and warm weather on the island is more than 300 days a year. The season lasts from mid-April to the end of November. The heat subsides in late August is early September, the temperature reaches +25 °C. In winter, it is raining and strong winds blow, the air warms up to +18 °C.

There are many places in Crete where you can moor a yacht:

The most elite and status is the port of Elounda.  The Voulismeni lagoon is in 1.5 kilometers. There are connect by a canal, which is also a Marina for ships, yachts and small boats. In the evenings there are bars and incendiary parties on the waterfront.

The Venetian port is famous sight of Crete. Part of the port is the eponymous fortress, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area. At the pier antique rocking of the boat and the Dinghy. Here you can often find artists drawing from nature local landscapes.

Heraklion is the most important and largest port in Crete, at the same time replacing the gate to the island. It is an important transport hub connecting with Europe, Africa and Asia. Use the yacht rental in Crete to make your vacation interesting and active.



What can you see during a yacht tour in Crete? Visit the most beautiful places that have their own special atmosphere:


1. The castle of Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon. This is a very popular Palace, built by the venetians in the late XVIII century. Once he was defending the area from Turkish raids. In addition, it has preserved up to 400 species of rare plants, and fauna has more than 98 species of living organisms found only in the Bay of Balos.

2. Chrissy Island. This is a favorite route of tourists and locals. You will find yourself on the beach with Golden sand among the dunes, will listen to the sounds of the sea surf and will swim in the purest water. During the cruise you will see a part of the Mediterranean sea with cedar groves. On the island, walk to the Orthodox Church of St. John and climb to the old lighthouse, which offers stunning views.

3. The island of Spinalonga. This is a small and popular place to stay for tourists. There are preserved monuments of architecture of the XIII century. For example, the Church of St. Nicholas or "Fishing fortress", where excursions are conducted and talk about the life and features of the craft of fishermen.



4. Koufonisia. There is a small Bay of the same name with clean and warm water and the sandy shore with small shells. The island is considered uninhabited. This is exactly what attracts tourists. You can stay here for a couple of days, pitch a tent and feel like a savage. In 2-3 days, a luxury yacht will return for you and return to civilization.

5. Sisi. It is surrounded by the Aegean sea with rich flora and fauna, so choose for the cruise yacht with a glass bottom, so you can see the underwater world. In the village white lace is hand-woven and wine is made. Guests are invited to participate in the creation of olive oil on local farms.

In contrast to Athens, there aren’t boat shows or exhibitions on Crete. Travelers appreciate the island for its sandy embankments, warm sea, mountain air and ancient attractions. Sometimes the locals arrange a regatta on their sailing boats or yachts.

Yachts and boats charter in Crete is especially popular in the tourist season. Many rent a boat and go on a cruise around the island or go to the neighboring archipelagos. Travel with pleasure!