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Yacht rental in RIO


The tourists visit Rio de Janeiro to experience the atmosphere of eternal vacation and celebration. Flashy Rio is especially popular during the carnival season when sambа schools show their skills passing through the streets in long processions. In addition to carnivals, there is a monumental symbol of Brazil — a statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched hands. We advise you to book a catamaran in Rio de Janeiro to see the contrasts of the metropolis onboard a luxury yacht and appreciate how big and beautiful the Brazilians' favourite city is.


Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by landscapes of amazing beauty: mountains and hills covered with lush greenery descend to the open sea. The city has access to the Gulf of Guanabara and the Atlantic ocean. This makes it one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays. There's always something to do here: go surfing or play volleyball, dive or swim. 


Rio de Janeiro has warm winters and hot summers. Locals love to spend time on the beaches: they always come here on their day off. If you want your holiday to be more private, then book a boat in Brazil and go sailing along the coast. Most beaches around Rio de Janeiro are very busy, you will have more chances to spot an empty beach from the boat. For example, Ipanema and Leblon are known as prestigious beaches, there are white sands and a lot of high-class restaurants, galleries, and shops. It's safe and quiet here.



Rio is a large city that has a close relationship with the sea. There are 2 ports in the center: commercial and cruise, where luxury liners start their sea tours. From the latter, you can start on your own yacht tour of the Bay to see a 100 Islands or go out to the open sea, choosing one of the directions:


Angra dos Reis is one of the most popular resorts and the centre of Brazilian yachting;

Paraty is a cosy city which was recognized by UNESCO as unique heritage of colonial architecture;

Costa Verde - "green coast", the most beautiful Brazilian coast;

Ilia Grande is the largest island in the Angra DOS Reis archipelago. Here you can sunbathe on white beaches in quiet bays, protected from the winds by the surrounding cliffs;

San Sebastian is a place for active sailing.


If you are going to Rio at the end of April, you will have the opportunity to visit the international shipbuilding exhibition, where you can get acquainted with the latest engineering, technical and design developments in shipbuilding. The Rio Boat Show is held at Gloria Marina annually.

Despite the fact that Rio is considered the cultural capital of Brazil, the natural environment of this region is far more impressive. Book a sailing yacht in Rio de Janeiro for an unforgettable cruise. Such a trip will allow you to experience this region and the Atlantic ocean differently and leave you with indelible impressions.