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Bimini is the nearest Bahamian island (actually two islands) to the USA. Barely 50 miles from Miami, it's a short trip from Miami. 



"The Bahamas"


The Bahamas are blessed with warm weather all year-round: the temperature lingers between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius due to the constant gentle trade winds. The period from September to May is considered to be the most popular time for visiting as the temperature remains around 22 degrees Celsius. The rain season, which starts in May and goes on till November, does not scare the tourists as rains are short and are compensated by about 340 sunny days a year. Therefore, you can enjoy fishing, diving, snorkeling and swimming year-round.



"Lovely view from local hotels"


Whether you come with the family, as a couple, or single for bar hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, tanning on the beaches, exploring rain forests, or relaxing in a hammock in the cool breeze, the Bahamas will leave you speechless and satisfied. A US Passport or birth certificate is required when traveling to the Bahamas. Charter a yacht to the Bahamas and get away from the mainland with an adventure to Bimini, a chain of small islands situated just west of the Bahamas that are only a three hour boat ride away from Miami and South Beach.



"Turquoise waters"


The people living in Florida are blessed with the ability to have just a 50-mile trip to the beautiful island of Bimini. It is one of the best places on Earth for divers, as it is famous for its sport fishing and underwater mysteries. In 1968 huge limestone blocks were discovered close to the coast of North Bimini and were believed to have been once an undersea road to the Lost City of Atlantis. The place now is called the Bimini road and became a magnet for divers, as it is easy to explore being only about 20 feet underwater. Moreover, close to the Road numerous other diving spots are located: sunken Spanish galleons, a WWI Freighter wreck, the Bimini Wall, etc.



"Unforgetable diving journey is waiting for you"


Another popular attraction for tourists is the ability to interact with friendly wild Atlantic spotter dolphins in the open ocean. You can enjoy such activity through human-dolphin connection excursions with groups: Wildquest or Bill and Nowdla Keef’s Bimini Undersea are the most famous firms, organizing these tours.

After enjoying swimming with dolphins you can take a boat cruise to the south of Easter Cay to visit the Healing Hole. It is said to provide calming Zen experiences to people who bath in its beautiful sulphur spring pool.



"Elegant sea animals"


So as you can see the best decision to get to Bimini quickly and discover the mysteries of this island is to take a boat charter. It is efficient, cheap and convenient.