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Amalfi is city on the South-West coast of Italy. The resort is located in a mountainous area. Until the XI century it was a large port, where trade was actively developing. The houses here are connected by stone-carved stairs, so there is no main street. The city's most recognisable feature is the promenade, where boats and white yachts are moored. Amalfi produces the world-famous Limoncello liqueur, which is often bought as a souvenir by many tourists.



Travelers come here to sunbathe on the Golden sandy beaches and swim in the warm Tyrrhenian sea. Marina Grande recreation area is considered the busiest and most crowded, where there is everything from water equipment rental to five-star hotels on the waterfront. Di Duolo has diving, Windsurfing and Canoeing schools. The most picturesque view is from the coast of Castiglione beach, which is surrounded by high cliffs overlooking the small town of atrani. Yacht rental in Amalfi is the opportunity to see all the interesting natural and tourist places, to visit the open sea and make exciting boat trips in a mode that is right for you.

Mediterranean climate is considered the best for a person: mountain air, warm sun and the smell of waves. The tourist season lasts from mid-April till mid-October. The maximum temperature reaches +30 °C in high season. Heavy precipitation falls from November to February. But at this time the Italian resort doesn’t lose its charm. You can rent a yacht in Amalfi almost the whole year. In spring and summer the sea is warm and calm, so you can go diving or fishing. High waves rise in autumn and winter. In this weather, it is better to enjoy the scenery on the shore, but some travelers hold sports competitions in rowing or regattas.



The city has a small port of the same name. In the X century it was the main center connecting the resort with other cities and countries. Now it is point where people go on cruises and long sea trips.


During a yacht tour in Amalfi you will be able to visit the beautiful places of the region:


1. Amalfi coast stretches for 50 kilometers along the emerald waves of the Tyrrhenian sea. There are small provincial towns that create a special Italian flavor. We recommend you to visit Vietri, the center of ceramics, and visit Salerno with more than 50 palaces. Admire the furore fjord and look into the azure grotto. In the evening you will find yourself on the island of Galli, where you will learn to catch and cook crabs.

2. Ischia. On the island there are the Castello Aragonese and the eponymous natural thermal spring, which is located in a 10-minute walk from the Palace. People come here to walk among the many forests of Ischia: lemon and Myrtle trees palm trees and evergreen shrubs grow here. If you go up to the extinct volcano Epomeo, you will see a stunning panorama of the surrounding area. And after the tour, visit the tasting of local wines and Ischian liqueurs.

3. Procida Island, which is considered not a tourist destination, but no less beautiful. Stroll through the quiet medieval streets and admire the medieval houses, as well as Terra Murata castle and d'avalos fortress. Music and theatre festivals are held here.


Charter yachts and boats in Amalfi will allow you to see the most secret places of the new city and to conduct a non-banal tour for your loved ones. Travel with pleasure!