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The 90-meter yacht Equanimity captured

In Indonesia during the investigation of the assets theft, the police "arrested" the yacht Equanimity near the island of Bali. The Equanimity was bought for funds withdrawn from the state Malaysian investment Fund 1 MDB.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI sent a request to the Indonesian police to search for money laundering yachts on February 21. The Equanimity was found near Lombok Island a few days later. 
Captain Rolf has disabled the AIS (automatic identification system) to escape prosecution. Then the US authorities issued a warrant for the confiscation of the yacht.
The Department of justice (DoJ) is trying to recover assets ($1 billion) purchased at the expense of 1mdb funds appropriated by the owner of the yacht Jho Low. Assets are located in the United States, as noted by the Wall Street Journal, however, the yacht spent most of the time in Thailand.
Currently the boat is staying in Bali, the police are looking for the owner of the Jho Low.