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Moscow Yacht Show 2018!

The long-awaited Moscow Yacht Show will be held from 1th to 3rd June at the Royal Yacht Club in Moscow. The magazine Motor Boat & Yachting Russia will organize the MYS.

The Moscow Yacht Show 2017 has shown tremendous success and in summer 2018 the number of participants is expected to be even greater. This year guests will enjoy a great entertainment program: spectacular performances on the water, concerts and lectures.

 Within the framework of Moscow Yacht Show, professionals and prominent representatives of water sports will discuss the problems and solutions of the industry, development prospects and other issues. The theme of the roundtable will be known soon.

World shipyards and companies such as the Princess, the Galeon, the Yamaha, the Azim as well as Russian companies among which are the NorthSilver, the Grizzly, the Velvette Marine and many others will take part in the exhibition.