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  • Lady Eme

    Miami, FL, USA
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    “Lady Eme” is very fast and efficient, she truly is a one of a kind 80E Marlow Explorer with her Command Bridge and Skybride upgrades. Dually stabalized with Naiad fins and Seakeeper Gyro, she was made for long range exploring in style, comfort and safety, with minimal crew and protected running gear! She has been professionally maintained by a very experienced Captain and with the wireless yacht controller, she is easily handled by only two people. She is exceptionally fast, 29+ knots when speed is desired and has very long-range cruising capabilities when there is no rush to get there, easily over 5,000 miles at speeds that far exceed her competition. If you are looking for a high-quality Yacht that can fit your friends and family comfortably but don't want to give up an adventurous boating lifestyle with no compromises, then this is the perfect Yacht for you! “Lady Eme” is no dock queen, she is a sea going machine that is an absolute dream to handle. “Lady Eme” will jump from 0-20 knots in less than 20 seconds and can easily cruise for extended periods at 25+ knots. With her watermaker, massive storage, and extra-large tankage capacity (fuel, fresh water, black water and gray water) you can keep having fun when others have to head back to the docks. She was born into a family of Marlow yachts that are the finest example of melding traditional styled offshore pilothouse motor yachts with the very best in advanced modern construction methods, equipment and newest generation of technology in the high-performance yachts of today’s world.

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    86.8 ft


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    Miami, FL, USA