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  • 40’ Yacht for 20 Guests - Not Just 12!

    Miami, Florida, United States

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    By submitting payment, you agree to the following important Terms and Conditions:

    Credit Card Users

    You MUST present the following at the time of boarding: A valid PHOTO ID and The physical credit card used for the booking of the charter.

    Change Of Vessel

    We reserve the right to switch the yacht you reserved if it became unavailable for the date and time you reserved. If that case occurs,  we will make sure for you to board a very similar yacht to the one you reserved OR will place you and your guests on LARGER vessel that has similar amenities to the originally reserved yacht. Additionally we will provide you and your guests FREE transportation to the marina where the replacement vessel is located. In any event, you will be notified at least 24 hours prior to your planned departure. Change of Vessel IS NOT a ground for cancellation. 

    Weather Conditions Policy

    It always rains in Miami, and therefore rain is certainly possible. Rain is NOT a ground for cancellation. We will monitor the weather as we get closer to your scheduled departure and will update you. UNLESS we inform you in advance that your charter is canceled, YOU MUST show up on time at the marina for your scheduled trip. ONLY your Captain can decide if the conditions are safe to go out, and we ONLY issue refunds if your captain feels it is NOT safe to be on the water!  -  No Other Exceptions.

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    Our 40' Albin classic-style vessel is built to please up to 20 guests. 

    The yacht has been customized for maximum comfort and safety with all the modern amenities. This vessel is available for 4 or 8 hours charters and is U.S. Coast Guard-certified for up to 20 passengers.

    This Yacht is perfect for laid-back type outings including private sightseeing cruises, birthday parties, casual corporate parties and especially evening moonlight cruises.

    The boat is stocked with features including a full galley, stateroom, bathroom and two decks creating lots of lounge area. The yacht's stereo system can be heard from any point on the vessel whether you are down below in the galley having a snack or up top watching the beautiful skyline passing by.

    The yacht comes with a licensed captain and a second mate that will completely cater to all your guests.

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    40.0 ft


    Miami, Florida, United States