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QuasarExpeditions has launched the legendary yacht

QuasarExpeditions has launched the legendary yachtQuasarExpeditions has launched the legendary yachtQuasarExpeditions has launched the legendary yacht

What could be more romantic than a cruise on a yacht in a hot country? Except staying on the mega-yacht that once belonged to members of the Royal family or possesses a fascinating history. During 90 years of the existence of the boat it belonged to different masters and millionaires, the Royal family and even participated in the war.

In 1928 the Monica yacht was launched for the Argentine magnate Santiago Sulaco. 10 years later the vessel was purchased by the George Tilly. However, the Monica did not swim in the peaceful waters and since the outbreak of the Second world war it had been included in the British Royal Navy. During this period Winston Churchill was on deck.

In 1947, the Monica, named during the war as HMS Noir, was repaired and returned to John. Tilly. But the story of the yacht didn’t end after it: Jacqueline Kennedy’ second husband, Aristotle Onassis purchased the Monica in the early 50's. After years, the Greek magnate presented for Princess grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III's wedding a magnificent gift – the very boat, which had already seen a lot. "Monica" was named Deo Juvente II: on the yacht the married couple spent its honeymoon.

Since then the ship had changed more owners, some years stood in the port. But in 2007, after years of inactivity, the ship was bought by the company Quasar Expeditions, which restored newest Grace completely.

Today, the Grace yacht is decorated in the style of the 1950-ies and is ready for charters in the Galapagos Islands.

If you want, you can book an unforgettable journey on Board the legendary Grace via the Get Boat service.



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